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Culvers in Merrill

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:53 pm
by Catfish
This Wednesdays Foto News from Merrill said that Culvers is making a deal to put one in at the old Burger King building right across from Pine Ridge Mobile over by Walmart of Merrill. Other franchises wanted in to Merrill but the Common Council shot them down, just like they shot down Harley to put a plant in the ITC building abandoned by Woodship Corporation. So Harley says alright then we'll build one in Tomahawk and that is where The Kaphaem Road plant came from. The Merrill business men and the others that run Merrill said they would lose there key top employees to the plant. So they lose out on all the tax Revenue Harley would have provided. So they build on Kaphaem and lost key employess anyway from these folk applying and being hired up there. They lost emplyees and tax revenue. What kind of logic is that? So now the Common Council will be voting on whether or not they would allow Culvers in. Hopefully someone wakes up and sees the value of growing the town and tax base. Come on Merrill, wake up to change. Oh the other restaurants don't want to let them in for fear of losing some business. If the town grew and more people came to town it would all come out in the wash. Culvers may even bring Tomahawk folk down to Merrill. They come now anyway for WalMart.