The End of the Fair

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The End of the Fair

Postby aloneontop » Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:57 pm

Is this the end of the County Fair? According to the papers, if the Fair Board doesn't take back a vendor then the County Board will act on this with the possiblity of a lease not being extended to the Fair Board. If you look at the letters in favor of the vendor, you are to believe that the vendor is this sweet innocent person that never did any wrong. That the Fair Board in unfair and now racist in how they handled the matter. The Fair Board on the other hand states that they have dealt with this vendor time and time again with no positive results and had enough. They then cut ties. They have that right. But then again unless you claim discrimination then the other party has no rights. Where have we gone when parties dont have to follow the rules or in this case the contract? Are rules made for just those that you want them to be for or are they across the board? I have dealt with this vendor before and used to be a customer until all of this started up. Who is being affected by this matter?? The Vendor or the Fair Board? Nope, the kids but hey what are we teaching the kids if they allow a person back that refuses to follow the rules and will use threats to get his way? We need to teach our children to fess up to their faults and admit to the wrongs and then learn from them. But nope, not in this case.

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