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Back to Basics

Postby Deb Richardson » Tue Oct 25, 2005 6:53 pm

Last week my husband and I made our last trek north for a season end camping trip. We camped at one of the campgrounds in the Northern Highland State Forest. It has become a season end tradition for us, along with my brother-in-law and his wife. My brother-in-law and wife had never camped at the semi-primative state campgrounds until we exposed them to this type of camping a number of years ago. They have come to love the northwoods and the state campgrounds.

We were surprised our first morning to hear workers in the campground. It seems that the state is making an effort to return these campgrounds to their original state. This means driving posts into the area that is the actual perimeter of each camping pad. They are also planting pine trees (taken from the surrounding woods) to fill in between camp sites, for more privacy. Through conversation with the state workers we were informed that what has happened over the past decade is that the bigger "rigs" are trying to squeeze into spots designed for tents, folding campers, and small travel trailers, thus destroying small trees and undergrowth meant to keep sites private. It also seems that generators won't be tolerated at these type of campgrounds as in the past. It seems that campground summer hosts often looked the other way to generators. Generator users are to acquire a permit and only operate them during specific times. Which, has been our experience, hasn't always been the case. Generators with a permit for those with special needs is suppose to be the only acceptable situation starting next season. It is so disturbing to me to have the solitude broken by a generator so little Johnny can watch a DVD before bed.

I'm certain that these "changes" will anger many people. For those of us that are camping purists (somewhat), it's great!! For those folks that think the state needs to add more electricity to campgrounds I say, go private! Let's get back to basics and keep our state forests and campgrounds as intended, quiet!
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Re: Back to Basics

Postby Jeff Boettcher » Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:59 pm

Thanks for the fantastic news!!! We need some camps where we can veg without hearing the whir of generators & air conditioning units on our neighbors' "campers".
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