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Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:28 pm
by KEN
"Hey Ken, where are you? I'd really like to to read you take on these issues. Please give me something other than "walker sucks""

WHY? Would my take on these issues change your mind about $cotty?

GOV. Snidely Whiplashes commercials says he balanced the budget. HE`S LYING" Do you think he`s telling lies? NO
GOV. Snidely Whiplash say`s he didn`t hurt Wisconsin`s education system with his cutbacks. Do you think he`s telling a lie? NO In the bigger school districts the already too large class size is even bigger, and there`s less teachers and teaching assitance. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? NO
GOV. Snidely Whiplash say`s in his commercial`s , paid for by out of state billionairs, that he`s creating new jobs. Is he telling a lie? YES Do you think he`s telling a lie? NO

Although he doesn`t have as many followers as he did when he was elected, the ones that are still loyal to him will eat up his lies with a big spoon.

And, I never said $cott Walker "sucks".
That would be a compliment.
Most politicians "suck"

I said $cott Walker is Evil. Look into his eyes when you see his next million dollar commercial. You`ll be looking at pure evil

:twisted: $cott Walker - A evil little man, with evil little thoughts :twisted:
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Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:04 pm
by River Rat
Ken, your ability to spew rhetoric in the absence of any real data or examples is reaching new heights!

Wisconsin law requires a balanced budget. There is a non-partisan bureau that ensures our constituional requirements are met in any budget. Its called the Legislative Fiscal Bureau and they measured the budget and declaired it balanced. Now if you want to call them liars go ahead. Please cite their inaccuracies and deficient accounting measures when your next balderdashment begins.

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:38 pm
by Kerry Tobin
River Rat,

It's been widely discussed that there are two different accounting methods. The one they use for a "balanced" budget would not pass muster if the state was a publicly traded business. By those standards Wisconsin still runs a deficit.

What is being pointed out is that Walker needs to make up his mind. He's running commercials claiming he balanced the budget at the same time he's submitting requests to the Federal Government for wavers to get out of having to fund programs or follow rules because we have a deficit. So, which one is it???

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:56 pm
by River Rat
This is directly from the link you provided:

The fact a GAAP deficit exists doesn’t wipe out what Walker and lawmakers did in balancing the budget according to the official, recognized method used by the state and its Legislative Fiscal Bureau, which both sides acknowledge as the official neutral scorekeeper of such matters.

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:40 pm
by Kerry Tobin
Don't play the, "I'll take the single quote that makes my side look good" game. It doesn't end well. I posted the whole link so people could see the full information on the issue.

Since you want to play the quoting game, here's mine.

In the 2010 race, Walker made an explicit promise, noted on his campaign website to "require the use of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to balance every state budget, just as we require every local government and school district to do."

This is known as the accrual accounting method, something also used by publicly traded companies. On the Walk-O-Meter, we rated this a Promise Broken. Walker did not use the GAAP approach on his first budget.

Indeed, under that approach, the state shows a $3 billion GAAP deficit each of the next two years. And that is the new source of confusion.

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:29 pm
by River Rat
The quote I chose gave both sides, yours did not.

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:58 am
by KEN
" balderdashment "

ODDS BODKINS! River Rat , I`m not even sure that`s a real word! ? LOL

River Rat , I don`t know what kind of "real data" you`d need to change your mind about that Dirty Rat Walker.

The original post was pretty simple. Just a couple of lines. Months ago $cott Walker said because of middle class giving more and cuts to programs (like education) the budget for Wisconsin is now balanced. His commercials were on television constantly telling us that.

BUT, the budget wasn`t balanced. it short $143,000,000 million bucks.

Are you still with me River Rat? Then, the Dirty Rat Walker wants to reach his grubby little hands into millions of federal money that is for mortgage relief.

That doesn`t really surprise anyone. Every governor has probably done the same thing to get a budget balanced. But, then cut all the commercials touting how he saved Wisconsin with balanced budget .

Re: $cott Walkers balanced budget

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:16 am
by Kerry Tobin
The quote you gave chooses to ignore that the state isn't required to follow the same accounting rules that every public company, local government and school board is required to follow. It also ignores that Walker promised not to use that accounting method and attacked his predecessor for using it.

My point is, people need to go read the whole article, and that way they can get all of the information. Without doing that, no one should form an opinion based on what either one of us say.