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Drill Baby, Drill!

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:42 pm
by Kerry Tobin
People need to read this. Also, please realize that the oil companies actually wanted to pipe the Keystone oil to the coast. Canada won't let them because of the environmental risk. However, many seem to think it would be a great idea to pipe it all the way across the US instead...

I believe they've already had a large number of leaks in the small pipeline they're using at the site too. They have to add some pretty nasty stuff to this oil to make it flow.

Re: Drill Baby, Drill!

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:40 pm
by sagan
It is a global market. The oil will be sold at those prices and not necessarily in this country. It will have little or no effect on gas prices here.