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Recalls........a bad deal

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:47 pm
by River Rat
I see that two days ago a long standing senior democrat WI senator had recall papers filed against him with the GAB. The group filing the papers cited a single vote of record as the reason for recall. Recalls are going to destroy this State. I fear now that there has been a few stones cast into the recall puddle its going turn into a turbulent ocean.

What's going to happen if the govenor loses in the "recall" election.....are people going to try to recall the recall sucessor?

No reason is needed to force a new election by recall. The only thing required is enough signatures. Infact "recall" isn't even an accurate term - we dont recall anyone - what we do is call a "mulligan" and have a do-over election.

What if the Senate swings majority, are we going to automatically file recall papers in an attempt get an election "do-over" to try to swing it back? I think that would happen.

There needs to be a bipartisan agreement to get this fixed or we will be doomed to an everpresent politcal stalemate. The govenorship will become a 12 month term, constantly under limbo. That's a bad deal no matter what your politcal tendincies are.

Re: Recalls........a bad deal

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:48 pm
by Kerry Tobin
Maybe, just maybe we'll eventually get a few people in office that know what the words communication and compromise are. Once those two things return, hopefully they'll be joined by a couple more, civility and decency.

I think once those four words are back in our vocabulary you'll have a much harder time finding enough people to sign a recall petition...

Re: Recalls........a bad deal

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:27 pm
by sagan
True. Much of the recall frenzy going forward to elections now have been brought on by poor leadership skills. Whether one is in the military, teaching, in politics, or on a committee, the authoritarian style is fraught with problems. Maybe Walker chose it because he thought that with solid republican control he could get away with it. Better to rule by consensus or working with others. Pam Galloway would have stayed without the recall pressure. She is already a casualty of this bad leadership style. Once we get good leadership, the successful recalls will cease on their own. Walker himself may survive but he will have to evolve to make it full term.