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health care

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:03 pm
by oldie83
I think everyone should read Time Mag article "Bitter Pill". It'll make you sick.
So much for health care in USA.

Re: health care

Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 7:02 pm
by Eunice
Most healthcare in the US involves the following:
*Banning the LIFE of every 3rd or 4 kid in EVERY family (now they are trying for EVERY 2nd kid), Down's, and ALL "Autistics".
*Getting everyone hooked on drugs, esp. "depressed" people & kids (& toddlers underqualified teachers "can't handle").

The latest stats reveal the total consistent med consumption enough to supply 4 different types of drugs for EVERY PERSON IN THE US.

*Euthanizing the elderly"--if they can get the next generation to bump off Mom AND Dad AND Grandpa AND Grandma--from what I hear from teens AND college kids they are succeeding FABULOUSLY in promoting this.
*Making everyone pay more and more and nanny stating the sheeple to the doctor more and more often for things that are unnecessary for either health or longevity.
*Ever increasing procedures devoted only to making you look younger and more attractive and castigating those that choose not to participate or criticize this trend as being harmful people's personal emotional well-being
*Over-promoting thinness (too thin is as bad as too fat) or fitting into the ever worshipped "bell curve"-- trends which before the 1990s were referred to as "quack medicine", now touted as "true".
*Analyzing every person alive for "mental or genetic diseases/disorders"

The WORST one is:

"1 in every (some crazy low number) has..."

REALLY?? How can you be so SURE?? :roll:
THIS the worst diagnostic-crazy time in HISTORY.

Re: health care

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 11:49 am
by Eunice
Oh yeah, let's not forget how everyone these days gets alzheimer's. :roll:

Re: health care

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:23 am
by Eunice
and let's not forget that we "all" "get dementia" when we're "old".

and let's not forget how they believe that every boy (especially) in the US has some genetic disease: either ADHD, "autism", "bipolar disorder", "depression", or some type of "aggression" disorder.

When I was a kid, they called it "puberty" or "tendency towards bad behavior" and before it really happened the parents got the boy a paper route, or had him do some extra chores on the farm, got him in the wood shop or taking old radios apart or in the Boy Scouts or 4-H (when I was young 4-H worked great for the girls, or babysitting), or the smarter parents today put him in some sport and get him a dog if they have a house or get him involved in one of those youth clubs they have nowadays rather than let some social worker refer him to a doctor to put him on some brain altering, addictive meds so the teachers can dope him up when he's fidgety or bored or they just can't deal with him. (Which is bad because then they don't learn and end up at age 10 not knowing how to read because they're HIGH all the time).

When I was little all it took was one session with the principal threatening to use the "board of education" or suspension and mom or Grandma with a wooden spoon (which I would have gotten if I was suspended) and I am a FEMALE! I am sure glad there were no social workers with doctors telling them I had to be put on meds!!!
There were social workers then, and if they were to do any good, they would have done well to talk to my Dad about his drinking INSTEAD of poking their noses into what church we went to or my parents' political view or nowadays into their methods of discipline. The drinking, or drugs or media outlets the parents indulge in or their parties around the kids are far more devastating that the discipline and training used by the normal, and caring parents. But social workers are too stupid to understand that.