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State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:45 am
by Tomahawk Leader
A column submitted for the March 5, 2013, Tomahawk Leader by Tomahawk School District Administrator Dr. Roger Rindo

There has been a lot of discussion taking place since Gov. Walker released his 2013-15 state budget proposal on Feb. 20. I believe it is critical to provide our community with some information and key facts about two specific components in that budget that will impact the School District of Tomahawk: The proposed increase in general school aid and the proposal to significantly expand taxpayer funded voucher schools.

Aid to Public Schools

The governor has proposed a 1% increase in general aid to schools. At the same time, however, he has proposed a zero ($0 dollar) increase in revenue limit authority. Here is what that means: As a district, we will not be allowed to increase our total revenue (combined state aid and local property taxes) at all over this year’s revenue level.

Because there is no increase in the revenue limit, the 1% increase in aid will go directly to property tax relief, which on its own merit is helpful to homeowners.

Key Fact: While the budget proposal touts a 1% increase in state aids for public schools, not one additional penny of that increase will go to children. In effect, the district will receive no additional money for 2013-14.

Key Fact: In the 2011-13 state budget the public school revenue limit was cut by an average of $550 per student. In Tomahawk it was reduced $519 per student. At the same time, the voucher school per-student allocations were not reduced at all.

Private School Vouchers

At the same time the governor has proposed a 1% increase in state aids for public schools, his budget proposal would increase payments to private voucher schools by more than 10%. Specifically, the proposal calls for an increase in the voucher amount of $600 per student for K-8 voucher students and an increase of over $1,400 per student for 9-12 voucher students. In total dollars, the governor’s budget proposal increases state aids to public schools, serving nearly 870,000 students, by $129 million. The proposal increases taxpayer-funded payments to private voucher schools, serving fewer than 30,000 students, by $73 million.

Key Fact: According to the non-partisan legislative fiscal bureau, Tomahawk received a total of $1,755 dollars per student in general aid for the 2012-13 school year. At the same time, the per student voucher amount for 2012-13 was $6442.

Key Fact: Vouchers do not improve student learning.

•Multiple studies of the District of Columbia, Milwaukee and Cleveland voucher programs found that voucher students do not perform any better in reading or math than students in their respective public schools.

•The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau released a five-year longitudinal study which concluded that students in Milwaukee using vouchers to attend private schools performed no better on standardized tests than their counterparts in public schools.

Key Fact: Vouchers eliminate public accountability. Public tax dollars are going to voucher schools, yet the private schools do not need to meet the same requirements as public schools, including:

•They are not required to hire highly qualified teachers. In fact, they can even hire teachers who are not licensed if they choose.

•They are not bound by most state instructional requirements.

•They do not have to accept all students, nor do they have to afford the same due process protections to students as do public schools.

Key Fact: It is inaccurate to state that vouchers do not take resources away from public school students.

•The 2011-13 budget reduced public school aids by over $800 million, yet funding for private school vouchers increased by $23 million to support the expansion of the voucher program.

•Currently, the state guarantees private school voucher students $6442 in aid from the state and local school districts. Over 80% of public school districts in the state, including Tomahawk, receive less than the guaranteed voucher amount in aid per student.

As superintendent, I believe it is important for everyone to know the facts on these two issues that are critical to the long-term financial health of the School District of Tomahawk. In that respect, I do not believe there have ever been two issues more detrimental to the district’s long-term financial health than the proposed increase in general school aid while freezing the revenue limit and the proposal to significantly expand the taxpayer funded voucher program, siphoning additional dollars away from our local schools.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:11 pm
by XYZ1
You get what you vote for

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:56 am
by Tom B
Key Fact having a license does not automatically mean your highly qualified , if that were the case we would never have any car accidents cause all car owners/drivers would be highly qualified your little sermon is loaded with holes. To even include Milwaukee in this is ridiculous by far one of the worst school districts in the nation. And I’m sure you also know that the US spends more per student than any other nation in the world, maybe if your public schools were to put out a better product this discussion would be a moot point.
By the way does the Presidents kids go to public or private school…
Private and at the cost of $35.000 per year. uuum

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:49 am
by neup99
Well, I guess it is not hard to see how Mr. Rindo feels about St. Mary's school. That is a shame considering that St. Mary's has provided the Tomahawk school system with some of its top performers over the years. Perhaps he plans on applying to another school district that does not have any private schools in its system.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:12 pm
by Eunice
I for one support Governor Walker. I am a former resident of Madison,and those that protested did not impress me in the least. In fact, I was rather alarmed, seeing the language posted on the signs, the attitudes, the profanity, the yelling and screaming and threats of harm hurled at our legislators, that these were people being publicly paid to educate our children, particularly when one of them threatened to shoot legislators using SOME ONE ELSE's STOLEN identity, though nothing at all has been done to that particular teacher, not even suspension or firing.
With teachers like that, we don't need terrorists or a hostile government invading.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:50 pm
by Kerry Tobin
So because of one or two bad incidents you're going to banish the entire group of thousands of people? I took my mom there to show her what the protests really looked like (not what you saw on Fox News). They had a daycare area setup, a volunteer cleaning crew, a first aid/supply station where they had tylenol, water bottles, etc. The extra police spent more time holding doors open than actually worrying about any crimes. At no time that I was there would I have had any concerns about taking my three year old niece.

As far as supporting Walker. Well, since we're now down to 44th in the US in job creation, I guess we're getting exactly what he promised...

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:51 am
by KEN
"we're now down to 44th in the US in job creation"

We`re down to 44th , but the little general $cotty has easily added a few more million to his pocket. Maybe if he spent as much time actually in our state, rather then flying around the country grabbing millions and denying he`s running for president, we`d be doing better.

He did say he would create 250,000 new jobs.

He did.

Just not in our state.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:43 am
by Tom B
They also had doctors on the street giving out false excuses for getting out of work, yep real doctors breaking every code of ethics one can imagine.
They also had students rushing the building and entering through a window opened by a dumacrate not to mention breaking the law by deciding to camp out inside the capital building.
They also ruined the state capitals grounds and it cost us yes us the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars to repair the grounds and interior of our yes our capital building.
We also had what was it 14 dumacrates leave the state and go into hiding in Illinois cause that’s what democracy looks like. We had a recall election for reasons that truly were used for the wrong reason, reason being a bunch of sore losers didn’t know how to take a loss they didn’t get what they wanted so they decided to re write the rules.
I don’t remember anyone protesting against Diamond Jim Doyle do you? Not even after he nearly destroyed this state.
As for the jobs yes I agree Walkers vision for 250,000 jobs may have been a mistake.
He surely didn’t take into consideration the Anointed one’s destruction of an entire nation. Why not face the facts the unemployment rate has slowly lowered it self to 7.6 percent Why cause unemployment figures don’t include the people who have just completely given up on looking for work, Let’s see February figures 88,000 new jobs created but 550,000 people taken off the unemployment list cause they stopped looking for jobs do the math that means over six times more people quit looking for work than new jobs were filled. You folks can twist and turn this any way you want cause when it’s all over and done you’ll just blame Walker and Bush as you normally do Forget the Anointed ones been in office for over 5 years with nothing to show for it. This man will go down in history as one of if not the worst presidents this nation has ever had , you people got what you wanted in a president problem is ya just didn’t get what you wanted in a governor and that’s just too bad.
But hey look on the bright side at least in the very near future Gays will be able to get married cause that’s much more important than having a federal budget or spending cuts or balancing a budget or wasting money on Green corporations that somehow just always seem to go belly up after we give them Millions.
And the hits just keep on coming

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:31 am
by KEN
"by a dumacrate" :(

$cott Walker - "Divide , and Conquer" :wink:

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:33 pm
by Kerry Tobin
OK, first, if you can't make your argument without stupid name calling you don't have one worth making and any good points you have are nullified. I'm talking to a couple of people here on both sides of the issue. Grow up and show a little respect.

On with my point...

There were 100,000 protesters total and you're still only able to point out small groups of bad examples. Yes, there were bad doctors. The damage to the capital was routinely overstated and the total cost wound up being much lower than initial claims. They claimed it was going to cost $7.5 million to clean up the damage. The total cost for everything wound up being lower than $200,000, most of which was for reseeding the grass. The protesters used painters tape to hang signs, as they had been told to do. They had cleanup crews that cleaned portions of the building on a daily basis. They had signs asking people to be careful of areas that could be damaged, etc.

Now lets remember that we had a governor that admitted they had considered sending thugs into the crowd to cause trouble (when he thought he was talking to a major donor). And lets remember that some of the damage to the marble was blood stains from an attack by a knife-wielding Department of Administration employee that attempted to stab a balloon and and wound up cutting themselves. And lets remember that there were protests from Tea Party members too. And other counter protesters in the building who were treated with respect. And yes, it is OUR capitol building. A building for the people, and for the people to voice THEIR grievances.

As far as some senators leaving the state. Wow, they must be the worst politicians ever right? There has never been an example of something like that happening before. It's not like a former president didn't jump out of a second story window when they were in the legislature to prevent a quorum. Yep, Abraham Lincoln was obviously the worst American ever...

You also might want to study the history of when the recall laws were added to the Wisconsin Constitution. It was so that politicians could be removed from office if they stopped following the will of the people they represent. For a refresher look at ... of-recall/.

The power under the [federal] Constitution will always be in the People. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own chusing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their Interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their Servants can, and undoubtedly will be, recalled.
- George Washington

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:52 pm
by Tom B
That’s it? Bad doctors, what happen to these doctors NOTHING
There weren’t out of state union activists involved in any of this?
Millions of dollars from out of state unions and Obamas friends.
What they claimed about the cost of damages OK was way off. OK Who paid for the $200.00 worth of damage the protestors or you and I and even at that amount why was there any damage at all.
If You feel the need to bring Lincoln up one more time to feel good about the senators running I’m going to jump out my window.
You’re not answering the question at all.
Have you ever disagreed with your boss? Did you ever disagree with your wife? Did you jump out the window or did you discuss the issue.
Here’s your refresher.
A majority voted Walker into office that was the will of the people of Wisconsin, next he won a recall election that was a complete waste of tax money and time, and once again the will of the people had spoken.
When that didn’t work your so call people decided to go after David Prossor who was running for re-election on the supreme court of the state. Suddenly he was a no good person who was accused of choking another justice.
In the end she admitted it Never happen.
Next just last week again a smear campaign against a woman running for re-election to the Supreme Court she won again. None of this had anything to do with their time on the court and everything to do with you and yours trying to stop Walker.
So explain what exactly the will of the people means to you.
Your right the will of the people has spoken now live with it.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:38 pm
by Tom B
I guess we forgot to mention this also
According to the AP, protests during the collective bargaining debate cost the state $8 million in extra police protection.
That included about $120.00.00 to keep police in Wauwatosa on site at Mr. Walkers home due to death threats against him and his family.
While this may not be included in fixing the capital it’s a bill that needs mention we the tax payers footed this bill not the protestors. This was mostly made by the over time needed for the sleep over.
By the way AP is not commonly known as being on the conservative side of an issue

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:50 pm
by Kerry Tobin
Tom B.

Perhaps if you had spent some time at the protests you'd realize that the 90% of the police protection was a waste of time and money. The police spent more time holding doors open than responding to any legitimate threat.

Twenty doctors from the UW alone were punished, receiving up to a $4,000 fine and loss of leadership positions and disciplinary letters that will remain on their work records. So I wouldn't say nothing happened to them...

Walker never campaigned on the idea he was going to (now shown to be partially illegally) end public unions. He actually said in his campaigns he was going to work with the unions. As soon as he started doing things he didn't campaign on, and greatly overstepped what anyone expected, he opened himself to recalls, and to the protests. I supported the campaigning Walker, I do NOT support the governor Walker. And other than responding to comments here, I'm now quite content waiting for the next election and hoping he is politely replaced by a majority of Wisconsinites.

There is a huge difference between how a political system works and a relationship with a boss or wife. At the time, there was no other option to slow the process and leave time for discussion and looking at the options. Perhaps if the senators had stayed away longer more lawyers would have had time to look at the bill and point out that much of it wasn't legal. So far the state has spent nearly $850,000 defending Act 10 and portions of it have been found to have violated the state constitution. The state has also spent $2,000,000 on redistricting litigation. Considering that Walker's dismissal of of Milwaukee County union employees and replacement with private staff was also found to be illegal perhaps he should learn to have the legality of his moves checked first...

As far as Prosser, Even in the investigation Prosser admits putting his hands on her. Who know's who leaked the information. But justices had met with court staff as far back as February 2010 to discuss concerns about Prosser's displays of anger and that there had been serious personnel issues going back 10 years.

Yes, there were probably some activists from out of state. But there were activists from both sides too. And money from both sides involved as well.

And you would think that being 44th in the nation on job creation perhaps our fine governor would want to spend some more time in Wisconsin improving the situation rather than traveling all over the country giving speeches at Republican events. Oh, and don't forget spending time writing a book about his substantial time as governor, wait, that's right, he hasn't even completed his first term yet...

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:33 pm
by Tom B
I did spend time there Terry I did see I’m one of those Tea Baggers plus my daughter goes to school there. 8000000.00 is a large amount of money I don’t care what you say why did you leave that part out?? What would have happen had there not been a strong police presence. The doctors slaps on their wrists much like an athlete 4000.00 to a person that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year really anywhere else and they would have been tossed out. The only people saying that act 10 is unconstitutional are the (Liberal) court judges in Madison Nowhere else. Funny every single one of them has their name on a recall petition. They should not be ruling on anything if they are involved in recalling Walker. Show me where I’m wrong here Terry
And I guess your alright with the federal unions spending millions form out of state to try and remove him
Let me ask you what did Obama campaign on Hope and Change right I guess we have changed were now 17trill in a hole and the only hope I have is that we somehow can dig our way out after he’s gone how bout you are you ready to recall him? Is his administration transparent as he said it would be, Nope Recall him he never said this was going to happen You said the will of the people so I guess he can stay but if that’s your thinking than so should Walker. Prossor’s Hand brushed against her neck Terry as she charged at him that too was in the report. She Charged at him. Why are you leaving important words out?? What about the Abrahamson side of this she’s the one driving this she not Bradley.
There is one point here I agree on Walker should never had said that about jobs He wasn’t thinking. He didn’t take into consideration the Obama factor If were gaining what 88000 jobs in February and 550000 folks are taken off the unemployment count cause they just plain gave up looking well what chance does Walker have of getting jobs for the state. 6 times more people stopped looking for work than started working
But on the other hand what company would want to come to this state after seeing the protests. Terry you and I will never agree on this but this I know if it quacks like a liberal it must be a Liberal. Your last statement he's never here Umm how many vactions days has The O taken. I'd say this states doing better than our Country Terry. were in the black can that be said for the country No their not even trying

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:54 pm
by XYZ1
neup99 wrote:Well, I guess it is not hard to see how Mr. Rindo feels about St. Mary's school. That is a shame considering that St. Mary's has provided the Tomahawk school system with some of its top performers over the years. Perhaps he plans on applying to another school district that does not have any private schools in its system.

Where does St. Mary's get its funding? Does it receive taxpayer money? I know it's not a charter school because those aren't even allowed in Tomahawk (yet). Also, is St. Mary's considered to be in the Tomahawk School District? Honest questions, I don't know.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:25 pm
by Kerry Tobin
I suspect if you can't take the time to read my name and spell it right, you're not likely to spend much time considering anything else I have to say...

And you might want to study how our government works. Wisconsin is required by law to have a balanced budget, unfortunately the federal government has no such law. It is not the president's job to create a budget. That is supposed to be done by congress, the president is limited to signing (or not signing) what congress passes. If you would like a better federal budget you might want to tell your friends in congress to sit down and do their jobs. At least the president has the courage to donate a portion of his salary back to the treasury. That act alone has accomplished more than congress has in years.

Re: State budget impact on education, local schools

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:51 pm
by Tom B
Excuse me Kerry guess I let my mind doze off, No it’s not his job but they did control the house and senate when he took office did he not?
Was there a budget passed or did I miss that, He submitted a budget last year and what Not one single vote in favor of it in his party controlled senate. So let me understand this you want my friends in congress to sit down and do their jobs but our state democratic senators can run from their jobs?
You are Too Funny Apparently it’s whatever Kerry wants. And let’s see the president donated a portion $20,000.00 back to the treasury.
What’s his net worth what’s 20 grand when we’re paying for ever darn thing he does People are out of work People are losing their homes and he acts like royalty you got to be kidding me right
By the Way as long as you feel he has courage tell me how much Scott Walker gave back to the City of Milwaukee while he was the County Executive of Milwaukee County.
$60.000 per year until the last 2 years of his term where he then gave back $10.000 for Two years. $60.000 was half his salary
Kerry you sir are a typical liberal You like Half-truths and leaving out certain info. And then when I made a mistake with your name you felt the need to be sarcastic. And you might want to study and report the truth instead of making it up as you go. Nuff said