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Race problems

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:44 pm
by Old Scout
The biggest problem with race relations in America is not people getting along, but the major news media. I am talking about the TV news networks and large news papers. Have you ever seen a news report that starts with "a white cop shots an unarmed white teenager" ? No you don't, but if it is a black the headlines are all over the place. How about they just report that "a police officer shot a teenager that resisted arrest and attacked the officer". I know is isn't as sensational and won't get people as stirred up but at least it is unbiased reporting.

It makes you wonder what their hidden agenda is in trying to stir people up. If you look at the statistics, many of the shootings by police officers are of white criminals and a small percentage is of black criminals. But this doesn't make as good headlines. Besides it wouldn't give people a reason to riot and burn and loot.

Why didn't anyone protest and riot when a group of young blacks killed a white man near Ferguson supposedly in retaliation for the officer shooting that Brown kid. It barely made it into the new and was pretty much ignored.

Why don't they protest the fact that most of the blacks that are killed are by the black gangs in their own neighborhood.

But God help a white police officer if he has to defend himself and kills one of them. The media is ready to crucify him before they even know what actually happened.

Here is a link that everyone should see. Perhaps it will change your outlook on what is happening. ... tube_gdata

Re: Race problems

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:58 pm
by Kerry Tobin
Old Scout,

I'm guessing in general we're probably on the same side of this issue. However, you're stats are bad. You mention that only a small portion of those shot by police are black criminals. While police shoot fewer African Americans than Caucasians when you factor in percentages of the population, they kill FAR more African Americans (by percent of the total population).

Re: Race problems

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:44 pm
by Old Scout
when you factor in percentages of the population, they kill FAR more African Americans (by percent of the total population).

Perhaps that is because by percent of the total population there are more blacks that commit crime than whites. I don't have the actual figures but it is well documented.

What is annoying is that instead of blaming the criminal, the first thing the media wants to do is blame the officer for over reacting when put in a dangerous situation. Police officers lives are important too, and there are times when they need to use force to protect themselves.

Re: Race problems

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:22 pm
by KEN
I agree about the part the media has in all of this.

In Milwaukee an unarmed, mentally ill, young Black guy was shot 14 times by a White cop.

The cop was fired, but never charged with anything. The family and friends of the black man want him legally charged.

There have been numerous protests happening. Sometimes the numbers from the media almost equal the number of protesters. The media is constantly announcing the times and place of where to meet for the protests.

If the Judicial system feels that charges should be brought forward, they will be. Made on the facts of what happened, not just to stop the protesting.

If the media wasn`t announcing and covering these protests like it`s a reality TV show, I think they`d eventually stop, and let the Judicial system decide.