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Stupidity at colleges

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:44 am
by Old Scout
Have you been following the stupidity that has been going on at some of the colleges lately? Since when does a small group of students run the school and tell the administration what they must do and how the school must be run. Frankly if they don't like the way things are at that particular school they have the option of going some where else. They don't have to be there and the school didn't have to admit them.

If the school administrators had any guts at all when these so called students start causing problems they should have been immediately expelled. As for the football team at MO, they should have lost their scholarships and been expelled as well.

These so called students are not there to learn or they would keep an open mind and perhaps learn something instead of trying to find something that may offend them so they can cause trouble and disrupt the school. They do not have enough real life experience or knowledge of life. When they get out in the real world they are going to find out that most people don't care if they are offended by some little thing and if they start problems they will find themselves in the unemployment line. The sooner they learn that the world does not revolve around them the sooner they will learn what life is all about.

Colleges and their staff need to develop the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say enough is enough, if you don't like it there is the door and don't let it hit you on the way out. There are always students that really want to be there to learn and we don't need you troublemakers! :x

Re: Stupidity at colleges

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:32 pm
by Renee class of '80
It is called the Right of Free Speech, and has been going in college campuses for many decades, especially in CA. All students have the right to rally as long as it is done within the guidelines set forth and a peaceful manner. Don't forget, students pay the salaries of the professors, and the football team brings in millions for these schools. If you agree or not, it doesn't matter, they have a right to demonstrate.

Re: Stupidity at colleges

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:07 pm
by Kerry Tobin
You could also make a pretty strong case that those students should feel safe at any public college and if the administrators aren't going to do their jobs and help ensure all students have an equal chance at an education then those administrators should be replaced.

Pretty sure you would demand some changes if some of the things happening there were happening to you too...

Re: Stupidity at colleges

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:33 pm
by Old Scout
First of all, I doubt if expelling those few students would make or break any colleges budget as there are always many more that want to attend than are admitted. As I said before, if they don't like the way the school is run, take your money and go elsewhere. Yes they have the right of free speech, but not a the cost of disrupting classes and activities that prevent others from pursuing their college education. The other students also have rights. If they think there is a serious problem there is a right way and a wrong way to try to correct it. Standing outside of the building harassing others and looking and sounding like a bunch of wastrels isn't the best way to impress people with your concerns.

As for the complaint of not feeling safe, no one knows who left the swastika (Shucks, they may have done it themselves for all we know just to make a point) on the building and there was no proof provided of any of the other complaints. Apparently they haven't figured out the difference between "perceived and reality", perhaps when they grow up they may figure it out.
Until then I perceive them as nothing more than a problem that needs to be corrected and the reality is that I don't really care what their opinion is because until they show some real intelligence, it doesn't matter.

Re: Stupidity at colleges

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:39 pm
by KEN
I don`t agree with most of your post , but I thought you`d find this article interesting.