The passing of Mike Wyland

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The passing of Mike Wyland

Postby kmartell » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:07 am

** Michael Wyland, 73, born in Tomahawk, self-employed carpenter (died Dec. 20, 2017; memorial service Saturday, Jan. 6, from 3-8 p.m. at Willow Funeral Home, Algonquin, Ill). **

I remember Mike as a 'free-spirited' boy when we were both just little punk kids in the early 50s.

We were always 'rivals' and staked out our own territories in the section of town near the railroad depot and boathouses. An unspoken 'deal' was that we were to keep out of the other's territory and could be 'beat up' if caught. Raids into the other's territory were tolerated if you weren't caught and didn't do too much damage to whatever 'project' we were working on at the time e.g. building forts, pathways in the swamp, making a raft...stuff like that.

We crossed paths many times in those younger days and posturing and daring and threatening....just boyish chest thumping... were the norm....never did knuckles meet the nose. Mike was just a part of my 'dangerous' times growing up as a boy in Tomahawk !!! We had respect for each other and that was important among us boys !!!

Fun to think back to those far away old times, I am again that 10 year old ... RIP MW !!!
p.s. I tried putting this in the Letter To The Editor section but it didn't allow New Topics
Ken Martell
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