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new jobs

Postby jimbo71 » Sun Apr 04, 2004 5:16 pm

GWB is basking in the recently released employment figures for March. This is going in the right direction, but it would be interesting to see a breakdown of just what type of jobs the majority are. Can one of these jobs support a family? :confused:

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Re: new jobs

Postby JohnS » Wed Apr 07, 2004 6:40 am

Found this info but haven't checked the numbers yet but it is a start.


On Thursday the economists - who had been forecasting 123,000 new jobs - were hedging their bets and hoping to get 100,000.

Come Friday, it's 308,000, Bush looks likes God, and the fix is in. Yet consumer confidence is low, GDP dipped in the 4th qtr, and there is no sense of hiring urgency anywhere I look. So where did 308,000 jobs come from?

Well, first I looked at unemployment being up from 5.6 to 5.7%. Why? I suppose all those lazy no good bums who stopped looking for work must've realized what a cool market this is and began looking again, thus raising the number of known unemployed. Right? I dunno. Maybe there's another reason. So I kept looking.

And then I see this line at the bottom of the article trumpeting the good news (CNN Money):

"Jobless workers are increasingly accepting part-time work. The number of people who worked part time for economic reasons rose to 4.7 million in March, up from 4.4 million the previous month."

Now, my understanding is that part-time employment counts in the numbers. If so, is there a coincidence that the diff between 4.7 and 4.4 million, 300,000 jobs?

If I'm wrong and they aren't counted, hey, no harm, no foul. But if I'm right, it sure should be out there.

All I know is that I'm pretty connected in the workplace and I do not see much evidence of hiring - certainly not like this would make one think. What I do see are an awful lot of people working 2 crummy jobs or one decent one plus something on the side or no-benefit temp jobs...or delving into real estate and finding the competition steep. [I also see a lot of people losing their jobs and being replaced by lower priced kids plus maybe a you keep the productivity, add to the alleged workforce, and still save money. Not that corporations would think that's a good thing... :>)]

Anyway, really enjoy the work you do. Keep at it.

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