Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Wisconsin Campaign Leadership

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Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Wisconsin Campaign Leadership

Postby JFlosum » Fri Sep 26, 2003 1:43 pm

Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Wisconsin Campaign Leadership


Am I the only one surprised not to see Abraham or Bob Doolittle on the committee?

I wonder if the forum has enough space for the I Hate Bush Club to trash each and every one of these guys… I can’t wait!

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Re: Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Wisconsin Campaign Leadership

Postby cmoo » Sat Sep 27, 2003 12:24 pm

Speaking of the "I Hate Bush Club" (IHBC), it is starting to look like the Bush Administration is running amok. They appear to be using The Patriot Act in many investigations that have no connection to terrorism.

New York Times Article

Never saw that one coming eh?
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Re: Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Wisconsin Campaign Leadership

Postby Catfish » Mon Sep 29, 2003 3:32 pm

Regarding the gambling issue that "baby" brought up, the Northern "bars" in Wisconsin only use a maximum of 5 machines in their establishments because using more would "flag" that bar as being a competitive "casino". (Who would even dare to think of competing with the Indians, they have government support and the mom and pop bars don't)In wisconsin, the bar owner and the vendor of the machines split 50/50, and each pays their income tax. In South Dakota, for instance, a mom and pop saloon can put a hundred machines in their place and even put up a sign like "Mel's Bar and Casino" or "Kwik Trip Gasoline and Casino". Why? Because in S.D., for instance, the state gets the first 50%, then the bar owner and vendor split the other 50%. As a result, S.D. says, bring em on mom and pop, keep sliding us 50% and you're good to go. Now our new governor Doyle plans on fixing that for the state. Gov. Doyle came to us from New Mexico. I'm guessing that some tribal leader over there called one over here in Wisconsin and said, "Hey, you got one of our puppets coming your way, he worked with us over here and I'm sure he's your man now." So the Wisconsin indians give him $50 million dollars for his governors campaign. Some might not remember when he was Wisconsin's attorney general he tried to prosecute then governor Tommy Thompson,s brother Edward Thompson who owned a bar with gambling machines. Gov. Thompson vetoed that action and Doyle was miffed. Now Doyle says he don't forget and now he da man. So he gives the indians a forever, never ending pact and wants to mess with the mom and pop proprietors. Without those machines, mom and pop operations will be dropping like flys. But that's OK because there is always "welfare" for mom and pop. Or will there be?

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