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Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:32 pm
by Kerry Tobin
Here's a place you can post little tips and tricks you think other users might want to know about. Cool things you figured out you can do (or wish others would do), etc.

And here are the first few...

1. After you are logged in, explore your user control panel (the link is toward the upper right). You can adjust your profile (such as filling in your connection to Tomahawk (or the Northwoods) which is a required field for new users. You can also edit your avatar which is the picture that shows up when you post (like my smiley face). As long as it isn't indecent you can even upload your own (if we have problems I'll shut that off).

2. In the user control panel you can set users as friends or foes. The key one is probably going to be foes. If you have a problem with a user and don't want to view ANY of their posts you can add them as a foe. Then their posts shouldn't appear and you don't have to read them...

3. When you are posting you can check the Notify me when a reply is posted and the system will send you an email (to the address in your account) letting you know someone made a comment. If you always want that to happen you can do that from in the user control panel too! (Under Board preferences and edit posting defaults).