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Election Letters

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:42 am
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter to the Editor in the Oct. 14 Tomahawk Leader

To The Editor:

Tom Tiffany is running for the Wisconsin State Senate, and is a well known small business owner in our northern Wisconsin community. He has been immersed in his own business for nearly 20 years. Directing dinner cruises on the Wisconsin River, becoming a member of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, the Tavern League and president of the local chamber of commerce are some of his related business activities.

Tom and his family have lived in Hazelhurst for 21 years. He is likable and friendly and will surely get along well with both parties to help passage of necessary bills. Tom Tiffany recognizes the need to change state regulations and make adjustments to help Wisconsin become a better place to create small businesses to employ more people with Tom’s leadership.

Jane Jelinek

Re: Election Letters

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:46 am
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter to the Editor in the Oct. 14 Tomahawk Leader:

Calls are not mine

To the Editor:

Recently, Floyd Albright of Gleason wrote a letter claiming that he received a phone call “from a polling company that is supporting (Senate candidate) Jim Holperin.” The caller apparently inferred that Senate candidate Tom Tiffany wants to send more money to Milwaukee schools.
Mr. Albright didn’t mention it, but the caller goes on to make several untrue and misleading inferences about me as well, including that I supposedly support a high tax health insurance plan.

Obviously, these phone calls are not coming from my campaign.
All phone calls from my campaign begin with: “I’m calling from the Holperin-Senate campaign.” Albright’s call obviously came from some organization not connected to my campaign. Further, given the negative statements made about both candidates during the call, it could be coming from an organization supporting Tom Tiffany!

My campaign is focusing on issues that I support, like keeping American jobs here by bringing job training and employment programs to our area. Like penalizing employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Like protecting our Northwoods values and getting a fair share of state resources for our area.

Unfortunately, I cannot control what any number of “third party” groups are saying. But I can and do ask them to stop if their statements are untrue or misleading. That’s not the kind of campaign I’m running.

Voters beware! If a caller does not say, “I’m calling from the Holperin-Senate campaign,” it’s not mine. If it doesn’t say, “Paid for by Holperin-Senate,” it’s not mine.

Jim Holperin
Eagle River

Re: Election Letters

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:47 am
by Tomahawk Leader
Jay has her vote
A Letter in the Oct. 14 Tomahawk Leader:

Dear Editor,

In a few short weeks we will be going to the polls to elect local and national leaders. At this time we are seeing and hearing political ads and trying to determine the best candidate to vote for. I am delighted to have as a fellow parishioner and personal friend a gentleman who is running for the 35th District Assembly seat. For the past three years, I have worked with Jay Schmelling and his wife, Debra, on the parish summer carnival and chicken dinner, one of the biggest fundraisers for our parish. I find him to be intelligent, kind, hard working and sincere. He is always encouraging and appreciative to the people who volunteer for the many activities involved in putting on the carnival. Even though our carnival only lasts one day, all the planning and organizing goes on for several months before and after and he is involved from beginning to end.

Jay has been in the construction industry, has been involved in collective bargaining and has had an active role with the Bio-Industry Alliance, working to promote renewable energy. One of his statements to me, regards his concern for legislators who are absent when they should be in Madison and he is resolved to be present and active in the legislature. One of his main concerns is health care and especially care for children with disabilities such as autism.

I sincerely hope that your readers will get to know Jay and his excellent qualities and then give him their vote on Nov. 4. I promise you, he has my vote!

Carol Pluta

Re: Election Letters

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:49 am
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter in the Oct. 14 Tomahawk Leader:

Pay bills the way I do

Dear Editor,

As our economy continues to stall while our government continues to spend, it’s hard to not be frustrated with our bleak economic outlook. For once, I would like our legislators to pay bills the way I do. I can’t increase spending in one area of my budget and not cut somewhere else. I’m proud of the priorities I’ve made and believe it is time our elected officials do the same. It is for this reason that I am voting for Tom Tiffany this November.

Being a small business owner myself, I realize the tough decisions that need to be made by balancing budgets while facing increased costs – Tom has owned his own Northwoods business for nearly 20 years and understands how to keep his business running while providing for his family. I trust that he will do the same for us in Madison and get government spending back on track while representing northern Wisconsin in a fiscally responsible manner.
Vote for Tom Tiffany on Nov. 4.

Randy Weitz