Put the brakes on bad drivers

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Put the brakes on bad drivers

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:27 pm

A letter in the Dec. 9 Tomahawk Leader:

To the Leader:
In last week’s Tomahawk Leader police reports it was reported vehicles were driving recklessly down by the old Georgia-Pacific property off Leather Avenue. To those who live in the area this continues to be an ongoing problem. This property also was the location of a major drug bust this past summer, and I have personally experienced reckless drivers in this area while children were present. I understand the police department works hard to protect the public, but this area continues to be a hazard to the people, including children, who live on this dead-end street. Further, I feel it would be in the public’s best interest, and the private property owner’s of the land, to either have this property better monitored or fenced off. I understand this may upset some people who respectfully use this property now, but when it comes to protecting children, keeping public and private property interest in mind, then either this land needs to be better looked after or permanently closed off.

Jasmine Parker

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