Living testimony

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Living testimony

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:06 pm

Letter in the 12-23-08 Tomahawk Leader

Dear Editor,

My husband and I had the privilege of ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Nelson’s County Market this past Saturday. It was the second year I had participated and the first for my husband. We wanted to publicly thank the person who bought us hot chocolate toward the end of our shift. What a welcome and most kind gesture to us. It certainly was not as cold as the previous day but it was a blessing just the same.

We believe it is the simple things that make the most impact and bring joy to a person. Not that we don’t need big things sometimes, but most people tend to take the small acts of kindness for granted.

We have had a hard year since my husband hasn’t worked since January and we have both struggled with different medical issues besides. It seemed whenever we took a step forward we would get knocked back three or four. We would have been homeless it not for the grace, generosity and kindness from Tim and Barbara Blair, a couple from our former church who truly exhibit Christ in their lives. We have had numerous problems with our 12-year-old gas-guzzling vehicle among other things and it is easy to focus on the problems or circumstances when nothing goes right. The hard part is getting off of yourself and doing for others whether it be with your time, talents or money. There is always someone worse off than you.

It was so rewarding, satisfying and joyful to wish strangers a Merry Christmas, see the smiles on the children as they put their money in the bucket and bless them in the name of the Lord. No, the other problems may still be there when you’re through but the feeling you get stays with (you). It reminds me of a song called, “Christmas is All in the Heart.” That is where the season really starts no matter what your situation or circumstance. The gentleman who brought us the hot chocolate was a living testimony of that song. We don’t know his name but we will always remember his kindness and we thank him. We can’t wait until next year!

Diane and Rick Grange

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