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Political endorsements: Tiffany

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:15 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
Appreciates Tiffany’s commitment to work with local government

In 2010 the DNR proposed rules that would have made disinfection of all public water supplies mandatory. The cost off complying with this mandate would have cost the City of Tomahawk utility users $250,000 plus the yearly maintenance costs of operating the required equipment. Once the city realized the impact this rule would have on the city we contacted Rep. Tom Tiffany about our concerns. Rep. Tiffany took the time to talk us and to understand the city's issue with the proposed rule change. Working with Senator Jim Holperin in a bi-partisan way Rep. Tiffany ensured that the unnecessary proposed mandate did not go into effect.

Rep. Tom Tiffany has also been very supportive of the City of Tomahawk efforts to increase recycling and reducing the city’s waste stream saving the city tens of thousands of dollars each year. I appreciate Rep. Tom Tiffany's commitment to work with local government for the benefit of the residents of the Northwoods.

Mike Tolvstad
Director of Public Works
City of Tomahawk

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Yes, we do need Tom Tiffany

When Tom Tiffany ran for Wisconsin State Assembly in 2010, he made three commitments to the people of the 35th Assembly District: 1. balance Wisconsin's budget responsibly, 2. no tax increases, and 3. streamline some state agencies.
Tom worked diligently on NR115 (Shore land zoning regulations) so the DNR would be more responsive to property owners concerns. This was a job well done! And, as we know, the budget has been balanced, without tax increases!
We need Tom Tiffany in the Wisconsin State senate! He followed through on the commitments he made and that is a breath of fresh air in Madison. Yes, we do need Tom Tiffany to represent the 12th Senate District in Wisconsin!

Michael L. Noonan

Re: Political endorsements: Tiffany

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:55 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
Follow-up response published in Tomahawk Leader:

I was surprised to see the City of Tomahawk endorse Tom Tiffany. It is totally inappropriate for any city or city official to step into the political fray to endorse a candidate. If the letter was on official letterhead, is that legal?

Several years ago, students wrote in about another student being too poor for school activities. A teacher wrote in about my having rental properties which made me against the school levy. Now, we have the City of Tomahawk endorsing a candidate.

Guess it is true: It is easier to ask forgiveness than seek permission.

Sally S. Peterson