Political endorsements: Marlowe

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Political endorsements: Marlowe

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:41 pm

Accusations harsh and not true; correct choice made in primary

This letter is in response to Amy Duley’s letter which appeared in the October 10th edition of the Foto News. I have tried to remain quiet through this process and not engage in a mudslinging negative campaign. That is not how I conduct business. I can assure you Mrs. Duley does not personally know me. Her accusations are very harsh and quite frankly not true. They are very hurtful in fact and damaging to my reputation as a father and as a community member/volunteer. Nowhere in my record will you find anything remotely close to criminal. For Mrs. Duley to publicly state that I have a criminal record is nothing short of slanderous. It is a direct attempt to defame my character. My character is based on my religious beliefs and revolves around being a positive mentor to my children, one of which is now curious as to why I would be accused of being a criminal. This same child now has to revisit her bout with cancer in which her mother had to quit her job to care for her. This until recently was nothing but a distant memory. Adversity makes us stronger which is evident in my daughter who is a straight A student and a State Champion Hockey player who I know will be an asset to her community someday.

Much of Amy’s letter revolved around experience. I can assure you that our government is prepared for new public officials. This happens every election all around the country. With the ever changing complexity of our government/society it has become necessary to appoint government officials as well as elect. Elected public officials are more often than not locally raised citizens with knowledge of the area and the constituents they will serve. The appointed public officials are those which will be leaned on for legal assistance, accounting rules, and policy clarifications. They are hired for their knowledge of these things. They are all in place in Lincoln County and have been a vital resource for every County Clerk, including Ms. Pudelko. These resources will not go out the door at the end of Ms. Pudelko’s term.

Obviously character and integrity matter because the voters of Lincoln County did make the correct choice in the primary election. I greatly appreciate your support. Please Vote again for Chris Marlowe for County Clerk on November 6th. I look forward to serving the residents of Lincoln County.

Chris Marlowe
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