Political endorsements: Pudelko

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Political endorsements: Pudelko

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:45 pm

Wouldn’t hire inexperienced; supports keeping Pudelko as clerk


Experience counts!

They are saying to keep it local.

Would you hire an inexperienced electrician or plumber to do work for you just because he/she was local? I think not.
Having worked with Sheila on election days and nights and going to the training sessions I fully support keeping Sheila as our Lincoln County Clerk.

Mary Wilke
Election Chief Inspector
Paid for by Mary Wilke


Write in Pudelko for Lincoln County Clerk

Voters of Lincoln County

The Nov. 6th election is fast approaching. As a voter you are in the same position as an employer. You should be looking for the person with the most and best qualifications to be in the position of Lincoln County Clerk. When the position needed to be filled because of the sudden death of the Lincoln County Clerk, the applicants were evaluated on previous experience, past employment history, and knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a County Clerk. The appointment was based on this, just like in the private sector when a job needs to be filled. Teachers, current staff of Lincoln County, factory workers, office workers you name it, experience, training, prior employment in the related field of employment were determining factors when you were hired.

As a voter it is up to you to make these same evaluations. Being laid off and out of a job is not a qualification for any position. Many laid off workers take jobs in a related field and others go to school to gain more knowledge and become educated in a field of employment to better themselves and others are still looking. This office is serious and should not be a popularity contest.

As a taxpayer, when going to the polls on Nov. 6 you also need to make these same kinds of decisions and determine who is most qualified and experienced to fill the position of Lincoln County Clerk for the next term of office. Remember it is your money that is paying the salary. Write in Pudelko for Lincoln County Clerk. I know that I am.

Marie Steffenhagen
Voter and resident of Lincoln County


The trouble with primary crossovers

As all of you who voted in the last election are aware, you are not allowed to crossover vote in a primary. This means if you are a Democrat and want to vote for a person in any other party, you cannot, because if you did, none of your votes would be counted.

The trouble with this system is, if 2 Republicans are running for an office and no other party candidates are running, you cannot place a vote for that office if you wish to vote Democrat or any other party except Republican.
I feel this has been an injustice, since that is exactly what happened in the August primary.

Incumbent County Clerk Sheila Pudelko and challenger Chris Marlowe were the only candidates for the County Clerk position. Both are Republicans and no other party presented a candidate. Sheila Pudelko was defeated in the primary. I feel this was because of the “No Crossover Vote Law.”

Because of this Ms. Pudelko has launched a write-in campaign for the general election in November for County Clerk.
I fully support Ms. Pudelko as County Clerk, because as a Lincoln County Town Clerk, I have had the opportunity to work with her. She has always been available and able to solve any problems I may have had.

Ms. Pudelko is especially knowledgeable in election issues conducting numerous training sessions for municipal clerks and poll workers even in after office hours to accommodate persons who work during the day.

The general election to be held on Nov. 6, 2012 does not have the crossover restriction … you can vote for anyone in any party … as long as it’s only 1 vote per office.

Please consider writing in Sheila Pudelko as the Lincoln County Clerk in the general election … her knowledge and experience are worthy of your vote.

P.S. To the person or persons removing Pudelko signs from cars and private property … that’s just dirty politics!
Thank you

Mary Baltich
Town Clerk, Lincoln County

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