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What hypocrisy

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:57 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
Published as a Letter to the Editor in the Tomahawk Leader:

The Vice Presidential debate was fascinating to watch. It certainly portrayed the stark contrast between the two parties. One question was particularly enlightening. Since both men are Catholics, the moderator asked how their religious beliefs affected their view of abortion. Paul Ryan said that his faith was important to how he viewed every area of his life. On the other hand, Joe Biden said that he had been a practicing Catholic all his life, but he wasn't going to cram his religious views down the throat of women who wanted abortions. A woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body. I agree to a point. If a woman wants a glob of fat surgically removed to make herself look better, no one would argue that she couldn't. However, Biden's premise is that if she wants to kill her baby because it interferes with her lifestyle she should have every right to do so. If we follow that argument to its natural conclusion then she should also be allowed to kill her husband, boyfriend, parents, neighbor or anyone else that interferes with her lifestyle. So why do we applaud her for one choice, but throw her in jail for the other?

I can already hear the protest, “A fetus isn't a baby. It's no different than a glob of fat.” Science has already proven that isn't true. People only believe it because they want to. One hundred and fifty years ago we fought a bloody battle over whether African Americans were property or people. Today, Liberals have laid claim to setting African Americans free from slavery and tout their support of African American rights. They would never consider African Americans as non-human. But to Liberals African American babies are not human. Nor are babies of any other color. What hypocrisy. They champion civil rights for minorities, while at the same time denying civil rights for babies.

Our Declaration of Independence stands for the right of all its citizens to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness whether minorities or babies. However, millions of babies have been denied those rights through abortion. The greatness of a nation is shown by how it treats its weakest members. If the objective of Liberals is to tear down America they are succeeding.

Tim Blair

Re: What hypocrisy

Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 7:32 pm
by Eunice
Thank you! I have been saying the same thing about abortion!
(I wish I had the money to cut off a certain blob of fat :lol: , but if I were pregnant and wanted to end it, the state and fed gov. would stumble all over themselves to make sure I can afford THAT :x )
It looks like the new "nonhuman" these days is the autistic, or the woman who wants to carry a Derringer to protect herself from rape. If I had had a Derringer, one guy might not have had his way with me. Yes, he might be dead, but if his wife found out what he did, he might not be alive right now anyway. (You can say self defense classes, but one female black belt managed to get raped herself, so much for fists.)
Not to mention those kids at Sandy Hook or our dead ambassador that was in Benghaiz, how many times are the Dems going to argue that it's too expensive to have proper security and in the same breath demand disarmament of law abiding citizens while crying for the murderer facing death row and telling police "not to move in yet" (a BIG factor in what happened at Sandy Hook)???

Re: What hypocrisy

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 11:14 am
by Eunice
One person who needed her right to life followed was Terry Schaivo. I have never forgotten that case. I had my babies later in life and despite all the dire predictions about them both turned out perfectly normal and very healthy. In fact, the older one is a great candidate for graduate school--even though she started out life not breathing and everyone kept telling me until they were BLUE in the face that she had "ADHD". That can't be true because she sleeps very well, concentrates on all types of tasks and does most things BETTER THAN AVERaGE, and is hard to get out of bed early on the weekend! :lol: The other one doesn't want to grow up and I hear about it ALL the time, but he's not even in kindergarten yet. Most of the advice I get from people about my "abnormal" children I get from people under the age of 30, especially 17-23 year olds who "heard from the experts" (TV or their guidance counselors), people who don't have any at all, who have been divorced several times or NEVER married and had kids out of wedlock, and day care workers who've never even gotten a real four year college degree. Trust me, if I hear something from a pediatrician or a real child psychologist or even a grandmother with a great track record of raising young 'uns, I will LISTEN, but until then, I just take it with a grain of salt and go back to what my grandmothers said, and read the PROPER books.
By the way, if you are clueless about kids, which includes most of the silly young folks that are into the latest fads regarding kids, try an old Penelope Leach book and you can't go wrong. THere are some really ones by real pediatricians too and real child psychologists and even a few of aged parents who have done a good job of tackling in their newsletters some of the more common problems. Stay away from anything that sounds like a weird diet you've never heard of before, pushes drugs to increase tolerable behavior or "increase concentration" ability or alter moods in children, is written by someone with little or no actual experience with children (if they are daycare workers, make certain they are people that actually ran a daycare, not just "babysat" a little or worked for one in high school), or sounds anything like "never discipline your kids" or "speak only positive words" or encourages you to having "blessing" parties for your children or suggests really weird punishments that sound odd or even abusive or totally worthless. Not every kid is the same. Mine responded very positively to very different forms of discipline and different forms of child rearing and rewards. (The only consistent thing with kids is CONSISTENCY, without CONSISTENCY and their understanding of what you expect of your kids NOTHING WORKS). Most young parents I know mess up because they don't understand things as elementary as PUT YOUR KID TO BED BEFORE THEY GET TOO TIRED, make sure they have had enough liquids, don't feed them too much salt or sugar or fat, or watch how they respond to certain foods or atmospheres or routines. Most problems are created because the parents don't pay enough attention to things to solve or prevent problems, especially the moms and the caregivers.