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Political endorsement: Thompson

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:08 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
To be published in the Nov. 6 Tomahawk Leader

Time to choose proven leader:
choose Tommy Thompson for Senate

On November 6, 2012, we will have a choice to make that will affect our lives and the quality of our lives for many years to come. For the past two years here in Wisconsin, we have been bombarded non-stop with election after election. Now when we are facing an election that will affect, the future of our country, we seem to be so numb from all the previous elections, that we appear to have lost our focus on what is truly important for our state and our country. We seem to have slipped into the state of gridlock that is gripping our government in Washington. Instead of listening carefully to what the two candidates for U.S. Senator are actually saying, we have allowed outside groups, with no understanding about who we are in Wisconsin, to twist our perception of a man who has devoted his life to public service and doing what is right for the people of Wisconsin. This is particularly true when we consider some of the negative ads that have been run statewide against Tommy Thompson.

We here in Wisconsin know Tommy Thompson and Tommy knows Wisconsin. We know his record for reform and for making government work for people. We know that when he was Governor he reached across party lines and chose people to head his departments in Government who he knew were the best people to manage those departments. We know that he worked with both Democrats and Republicans to reform welfare. He gave back to people their self-respect by providing the education and training they needed to get and hold a job and become a contributing tax-paying member of society. We know that as Governor he worked with Democrats and Republicans to set up a voucher system so parents in the inner city of Milwaukee could send their children to schools of their choice where they knew they would get a good, solid education preparing them for the future. We know that as Governor, Tommy Thompson saw the need for affordable health care for children and families who could not afford health insurance. Again he reached across the aisle, working with Democrats and Republicans, to create Badger Care and later Senior Care for the elderly. This was accomplished by working with a Democrat President, Congress, and a democratically controlled State Legislature to get it done.

It’s time to choose a proven leader who knows how to make government work. Choose Tommy Thompson to be the United States Senator for Wisconsin.

Sheehan Donoghue

Re: Political endorsement: Thompson

Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 6:42 pm
by Eunice
To bad he wasn't elected. Tammy Baldwin is a politician motivated by only one issue direction.