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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:56 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
I would like to thank everyone who is running for public office in the Spring Election on April 1. Your dedication and public spirit should be recognized by all and is truly appreciated.

I am the president of the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods and have been working on our League's first experience with creating a web-based voters' guide at We started small with only the county supervisory districts and the multi-jurisdictional municipal judgeship in Lincoln County.
A special thank you to all the candidates who responded to our invitation to be included at as listed below.

•LINCOLN County – Merle (Jim) Sheridan and Ned R. Seubert, candidates for Multi-Jurisdictional Municipal Judge; and the following candidates for county board supervisors: Dan Caylor in District 1, Jeff Hetfeld in District 4, Robin Norton in District 7, David Fox and Julie Allen in District 19, and Graham Rankin in District 22.

•ONEIDA County – candidates for county board supervisors: Bill Freudenberg in District 4, Carol Pederson in District 5, Bob Mott and Dennis Schoeneck in District 7, Bob Martini and Robb W. Jensen in District 11, Mitchell Ives in District 12, William (Billy) Fried in District 17, Candy Sorensen in District 18, Alan VanRaalte and Kenneth J. Dirks in District 20, and Ted Cushing and Bruce LaRose in District 21.

•VILAS County – candidates for county board supervisors: Ralph J. Sitzberger in District 1, Chuck Hayes in District 2, Dennis L. Nielsen in District 4, Erv Teichmiller and Michael Cady in District 6, Racquel Zortman-Bell in District 8, Mark Rogacki and Marv Anderson in District 11, Walt Maciag a registered write-in for District 13, Jim Schweizer in District 15, Wally Beversdorf in District 16, Jim Behling in District 17, Walter C. Wagner in District 18, and Christine M. Caz in District 21.

The spring election is nonpartisan. Since inclusion is free and allows voters to learn, in the candidates own words, where they stand on local issues, what issues they see as most affecting the district and how they would prioritize those issues, I am very disappointed that we did not have greater participation. Several of the candidates listed above do have a contested race. I think that inclusion might show who is more invested in their election. What do you think?

I invite you to go to and see what these candidates have to say.

Yolan Mistele
Arbor Vitae
League of Women Voters of the Northwoods