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Vote no Feb. 21

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:25 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter to the Editor in the Feb. 7 Tomahawk Leader

To the Editor:

Nicolet College is holding a referendum on one of the lowest voter turn out primaries. The citizens were given two month’s notice of the board’s intentions for holding a referendum. The board did not hold one citizen forum prior to deciding on going for a referendum.

Did you know:
1. Nicolet College has the third highest paid administrators of the 16 technical colleges. 19.7 their benefits. (Wisconsin Technical College staff salary analysis 2003-04).
2. When Nicolet College, had the smallest enrollment, in the Wisconsin Technical College System, the board gave the current president a base jump of 37 percent including a 28 percent annual increase in 2000. (Milwaukee Journal March 9, 2002.) The average annual income per capita, in the six counties was $17,882.50 (U.S. Bureau Census 2000). The average annual salary increase for many of these voters was between 0 and 3 percent.
3. The $23.5 million referendum equals $40 million over 15 years (Rhinelander Daily News Jan. 11, 2006).
4. The $16/$100,000 increase in property taxes is a guesstimate (let’s face it, property values are increasing rapidly).
With the declining K-12 enrollment and increase in the senior population, how can Nicolet College justify this excessive referendum?

Vote no on Feb. 21 against Nicolet College’s referendum. Tell the unelected board:
1. You deserve more information.
2. Consider the citizens ideas. Hold several forums in each county prior to deciding on holding a referendum.
3. Enough is enough – $20 here and $40 there has exceeded the citizens’ revenue caps.
If you cannot get out to vote, call your municipal clerk and request an absentee ballot.

Concerned taxpayers,
Ken Angell and Kelly Herman