Ditches do not = dumpsters

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Ditches do not = dumpsters

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:31 pm

A Letter to the Editor (Guest Opinion) April 4

To the Editor:
Spring is a season known for newborn fawns, spring flowers and lush greenery. Yet, driving along our county roads the only greenery I am seeing is not being emitted by new lush grass, but from discarded empty Mountain Dew bottles. Litter! Just take a look next time you’re out ... it is appalling and disgusting!
Since man has created garbage, man has created litter. Roadside litter is one of the most unnecessary and preventable problems of our day. It is amazing that according to the EPA, 94 percent of Americans believe that littering is indeed a serious environmental problem and yet people still litter. Carelessly discarded garbage affects every member of society: it causes harm to people and wildlife, damages our waterways, costs us money to clean up and suggests that we do not care for our environment. This is the same environment that so many of us Hatchets depend on for tourism and our community’s financial status.

We may live in a plastic convenience culture, with almost everyone in America consuming 190 pounds of plastic annually from fast-food packaging to diapers, but that doesn’t mean we should be wasteful and ignorant.

Littering comes down to disrespect. People litter for many reasons, often because they lack a sense of responsibility and have the belief that someone else will pick up their trash or because there is already litter strewn about. Either way, this should not be the case for our beautiful community. There is a simple solution to this entire problem. Reduce, reuse, recycle or just plain throw it away in their proper receptacles; they’re everywhere: the carwash, the gas station, the schools, city parks and restaurants. Let us keep our beautiful ecosystem clean and attractive.

Greg Lampe
Tomahawk student

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