Branch Road rezoning ...

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Branch Road rezoning ...

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:34 pm

Letter in the April 4 Tomahawk Leader:

To Whom it May Concern:

When the current residents and land holders on Branch Road received a letter regarding rezoning, it was very confusing. We find it very unfair and upsetting that the proposal for rezoning of this land was put forth without any concern or knowledge to us.

Questions we have:

1. According to the meeting minutes, why at the second meeting weren’t any of the questions answered from the first meeting ...

2. Regarding Branch Road that is currently being considered an easement.

•What is the width an easement can legally be? We believe an easement can only be 10 feet wide

•How can our property be taken away from us to make Branch Road wider? Who actually “owns” Branch Road and the easement? If the road does get widen will our land be purchased from us?

•Some of the currently land owners have mound systems that are fairly close to the road. How will you be able to widen the road and not affect them? ...

3. The land you are proposing to build on is a lake bed and or swamp land, how are you proposing to build on this type of land? There is a culvert under the railroad tracks that has water running through from the swamp on the other side of the property. Where will this water go?

4. We would like to know what the DNR has to say about the proposal. What is the outcome of the engineer’s evaluation?

5. Is there a sketch of the layout of what is potentially going to happen? Is this sketch or plan anywhere where it is available for us to look at? ...

6. There is lots of discussion in the minutes about soil testing and results?

In closing, there are many questions and concerns regarding the rezoning of this land that we feel should be addressed. We feel that the rezoning of the land was “pushed” through without regard to the current property owners and our lifestyle on Branch Road. We value our land as being private, quiet and a relaxing atmosphere. With the proposed changes, all of this will change. ... The approach of the rezoning commission and Mark Kordu’s Land Company on the proposal for change is very unfair and intentional. The whole process has been without regard to our opinion. We are not lawyers with degrees to understand the process nor can we afford to hire a lawyer to help us through this fight to get our voices heard. We ask for your help in real language to understand what is going to happen. The extent of our feeling is that we don’t want to see development at the end of our road. This proposed change would affect the current value of our properties and lifestyle.

I would appreciate someone contacting myself to discuss the questions above.

Brian Richter

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