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A sad legacy …

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 7:37 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter to the Editor in the 10/24 Tomahawk Leader
To the Voters,

According to our president and his steadfast supporters, America’s sons and daughters are fighting and sacrificing their lives in Iraq in order that the citizens of that country may someday enjoy the blessings of a democratic society as we in America know it to be.

In order to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, our military personnel, with token coalition support, is doing everything in its power to destroy the so-called Iraqi terrorists and suppress any resistance to our military’s presence in their country.

In turn, the terrorists and members of various Islamic religious groups (one and the same I suspect) are doing their best to kill our military personnel, each other, and any innocent bystander who happens to be in the way of the ongoing war.

In our president’s view of matters, if we stay the course in Iraq as he proposes, the end result of all this chaos is that we in America will eventually win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and they in turn will look to us as a role model and adapt themselves to our democratic way of life.

What am I missing here? In present day Iraq, is it humanly possible to change massive hatred into forgiveness and uncompromising rejection in eventual acceptance? Is it possible for an invading army of 140,000 soldiers from a foreign country with a foreign religion and a vastly different culture to be forgiven for their actions? Why is it so difficult for me to accept my president’s way of thinking on this matter and how can anyone in good conscience continue to support this madness?
Distressed by the tragedy this ongoing war has become, as I view it, staying the course in Iraq as our president insists is like throwing gasoline on a burning fire; the more it’s fed the higher the flames. His unwavering determination to keep our troops in harms way will only lead to more death and turmoil, world wide hatred for our country’s actions, and the eventual total destruction of a sovereign nation that posed no military threat to our country’s existence.

A sad legacy for a great nation that has done so much for the betterment of mankind throughout history.

Dan Johnson
Harshaw and Pharr, Texas

Re: A sad legacy …

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 7:41 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
Heartily agree …

To the Editor:
Kudos to Dan Johnson for a well-thought out and well-written letter in the Oct. 24 Leader. I couldn’t have said it better and heartily agree with his statements. Too bad our president is ignoring what has become his legacy of futility with no concern for our troops. They deserve so much more!

Judy Leggett