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Postby mrbrowns » Thu May 24, 2018 1:57 pm

After spending the past couple weeks trying to get caught up at the house after a very short spring season, we finally managed to get out on a Tomahawk area flowage Wednesday and found crappie, bluegills, bass and pike in the shallows. Some of the gills were very nice sized and put back to finish spawning. The crappie also are in the process of spawning and can be found around shoreline wood. One thing that really surprised me was just how far along the weeds have grown already. I would say they are at mid summer growth already as the cabbage is fully up and weed beds already look fully developed. Should make for some fine water to check out as the musky season opener is set to get underway across the Northwoods this Memorial Day weekend. It is going to be a warm one as daytime highs are expected to be in the 80s and it sounds like there might be a chance of a storm or two. Get out ahead or after one of these storms or fish the late afternoon hours (avoid some of what will likely be heavy boat traffic). I will be working weighted jerk baits and switching to topwater if things start to really pick up. Good luck to everyone heading out this weekend. Have fun and enjoy your Up North Memorial Day weekend.
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