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why live in Tomahawk

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:52 am
by logic1
I have two middle school sons & one daughter now in college in Eau Claire - we love living in Tomahawk IF you are established in your job or income a college student & up and coming adult, unfortunately Tomahawk cannot offer anything to these "beginners". Raising my children here is awesome. They love it here & have many great times. If it is a career that you are planning, moving is a must. (sorry to say) If you are lucky enough to own a fruitful business you will be o.k. Lots of hard work ahead!! I know it is done by a few - kudos to you!!

Re: why live in Tomahawk

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:44 pm
by Jeff Boettcher
What's great about Tomahawk? That's easy to explain. IT'S THE PEOPLE.

I had brought my family here for a vacation for 14 years (Moonlite Bay Resort & Deer Lake Cottages.) Then jet ski adversion & curiosity sent us looking elsewhwere. After stints in Mercer, the Boundary Waters, & Northwestern Minnesota, gas prices & nostalgia "drove us" back to Tomahawk this summer.

As we hit town we wondered what might have changed. We saw some new stores as we headed for Nelson's County Market. (Best salted-in-the-shell peanuts in the state!) But as we wandered the store talking to employees and fellow customers, we just felt "at home". It felt right to be there.

C.J. & I fished early & late in the rains & mists of the week. When we went shopping with Nancy & Kathy in Tomahawk it was equally a blast.
All of the shop owners were friendly & helpful.
Example: We had been to Aquatic Arts twice for bait & miscellaneous gear twice before Tuesday night when I was to pay off my bet to Brian. On the way into town, I realized I'd forgotten my Lake Alice map that I wanted to use to ask Gordy & Brian for fishing tips. C.J. & I stopped at Aquatic Arts to purchase another map & they gave us a paper, non-laminated version for free. How can you beat that for customer service??

Loved the health food store, the lady at the cheese house, the Surplus store, Jester Gallery, Augie's & just talking to folks on the street. It was different from other vacations. It was friendly. It felt like HOME.

Our only bad experience was video rental at the Holiday gas station when they failed to let my daughter know that one of the DVDs she rented was a "one day new release" rental vs. the five day rental for the others she rented. Needless to say, I wouldn't have dropped $40 in a gas purchase there if I had known my daughter was gettin fined because of misleading advertisements while I was filling up the van.

By the way, at the risk of us not being able to get another reservation, Zipp Inn cottages on Lake Alice are fantastic. Bob & Shirley Zipp are the best hosts around!

See ya next year.

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Re: why live in Tomahawk

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:03 pm
by franny
We are implants. Came to Tomahawk on a wing and a prayer. Proud to announce 4 college graduates ,Madison,Eau Claire and two from Point ( including a spouse). Love the 4 season life style and the people. I work through out the eastern half of the country and I am totaly refreshed as a whole when time off allows me to recharge my batteries at home. The natural resourses in the surrounding counties allows us all as a family to enjoy the wonderful activities year round, too many to list. Tomahawk is a special place. It is home base for a family who took a risk and made it through a transition to settle here with no regrets. Thank you for accepting us!

Re: why live in Tomahawk

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:57 am
by asterix
The nicer the city is, the more people will want to come and live here. The more people that live here, the less nice this city will be.
True, there are a lot of very good reasons to come and live in Tomahawk, however, things are changing.
The murders, the roberies, the vandilism, the loss of jobs.
Somebody please prove me wrong.

Re: why live in Tomahawk

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:53 am
by Kerry Tobin
How about the simple fact that the population hasn't really changed so it isn't exactly like you can blame things on an influx of outsiders...

I think the two murders were "unusual" and not something you should expect to continue on a regular basis. As far a unemployment, welcome to the whole US. Other than those, I doubt things have really changed much.