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In Memory Of Dean Rhody

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2001 12:53 pm
by Enelra32
FOR ~DEAN~<BR>Pleasure to have met you <BR>Kind soul that you were...<BR>Sadness engulfs me as <BR>I realize you're no longer here. <BR>Many smiles you gave<BR>When you were around<BR>In your absence I pray<BR>Those memories can be found.<P>You said a Harley was the best way<BR>To travel around.<BR>And you'd heartily laugh<BR>At its wonderful sound.<P>And travel you did<BR>Here and abroad...<BR>Making all those new friends<BR>As you went down the road.<P>Those friends will all miss you<BR>You wonderful goof...<BR>But we'll soon understand...<BR>There was still one trip to make.<P>To fly like an Eagle<BR>And soar like the wind<BR>Over mountains and oceans<BR>On merely a whim.<P><BR>~You’ll Never Be Forgotten~<P>God Bless You Dean.<BR>We'll miss you...<BR>I can't help but smile through my tears...<BR>When I think of the twinkle in your eyes each time you would grin.<BR>Thank you for being a part of my life Dean....<BR>Love,<BR>~Arlene~<BR>(Tasha, Ronnie and Michael)

Re: In Memory Of Dean Rhody

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2001 8:45 pm
by Enelra32
Thank you. It is heartfelt. I am doing better as each day passes... Time does heal all wounds. Thank you for asking.