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Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2001 8:54 pm
by Past Board
mthorell posted 04-01-2001 06:07 PM CT (US)         <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>One of the greatest things about the Tomahawk area is all the great memories I have of growing up there. Though our existance was meager, we felt rich. The countryside was rich in wild game and fish and the friendly, helpful people of the area have left an indelible impression on me. Though my Mom has passed on, now, I continue to journey to the North Woods (Tomahawk area) each year in search of fish, game, and the chance to run into some of my old friends. I even make a few new ones from time to time. Tomahawk is just a great place to go to get away from the hussle-bussle of the bigger cities now and then. <P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 04-02-2001 10:54 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I had to laugh when I saw this topic and there was only one response. Could it be that there isn't anything all that great about Tomahawk? JUST KIDDING!!!!<P><BR>rmgp posted 04-14-2001 11:06 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You know, Mr. Kottah, I often joked that when the "What's so great about Tomahawk" flyer came out, that it was a book of empty pages. You really have no idea how great our little town is until you venture away from it to large cities and foreign countries. The phrase "there's no place like home" sure rings true. Sure every town has it's share of "politics" but when I walk down the sidewalk in Chicago and say "hi" to someone they practically turn the other way and run. You can expect a 15 minute conversation when you do that on the streets of downtown Tomahawk. I think our town is great because of the people and the scenery and the heritage. And our town is certainly rich in heritage and history. The Historical Society and the Downtown Business will bring history to life in August, watch for it. There are numerous people and organizations trying to make our town an even greater place to be,(see the post about Bradley Park)so many great ideas, but so many of the "old town" want to prohibit growth keep it just the way it is. Well, our young people are moving away to go where they can make a living, right Anita? And soon the "old town" will no longer exist. Then what will be so great about Tomahawk? Tomahawk is truely a great place to live and play, but why not make it a better place, a destination instead of someplace to pass through on your way "up north". <P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 04-15-2001 08:17 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You know, RMPG, I grew up in Tomahawk, graduated high school there, worked at the mill, hung out in the bars, etc, etc. I go back frequently, like this weekend instance. I'm not claiming to be an old sage or anything, but I do remember going into the A & P supermarket downtown and I attended school at the Whittier School. I've watched Tomahawk grow and develop for a long time.<P>I agree with you about the charm. However, as the years go by, Tomahawk is looking more and more like every suburb I have ever been to - the same chainstores, the $150,000 suburban style homes in the Town of Bradley. How long before someone opens up an Applebees, or an Embers, or a you-name-it? The more and more of this mass culture that Tomahawk embraces in the name of progress, the less and less unique it becomes. I'm saddened everytime I go to Tomahawk and see another example of that. The more you commercialize Tomahawk, the less it will feel like the town that made you want to live there in the first place.<P><BR>ScrappyDoo posted 04-18-2001 04:46 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I also am from Tomahawk. Both sides of my family are from there.I have always come back to visit relatives and friends.When I come back I feel like I'm going home.It renews me.I would like it to keep it's small town appearance. Wausau is close by for the conveniences. It's funny how people in the cities try to get away.Those that are away are trying to bring the city to them.I also rememeber the A&P downtown and the Federated store.I even remember the old Nelson's before the fire since my grandfather was an employee there.I still love Tomahawk and always will.<P><BR>chicagochris posted 05-13-2001 07:30 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Being from Chicago, but a frequent visitor and part time resident of Tomahawk, I think the town could do away with McDonald's and Subway, etc. and if people really want that food they can go to Wausau. I'd be perfectly happy with the A&W and little diners. I want to leave Chicago for the country, I want a country feel. I don't want to see Tomahawk any more commercialized than it has become. I want a small town feel. <P><BR>cinjav posted 05-17-2001 11:52 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I agree, that Tomahawk should not be more commercialized. We bought property in town of Skanawa about 9 years ago. We are building a log cabin. Every month we make a point to get on the road to Tomahawk. I have seen it grow and develop. I don't necessarily think it's bad but could do without the McDonald's, etc. I grew up in a small town (Nashotah) and love the small town atmosphere. I love Tomahawk<P><BR>Kerry Tobin posted 05-17-2001 01:38 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I'm going to make come comments about Tomahawk becoming commercialized but didn't want to do it in this forum.<P>I'll make comments in the General Discussion area.

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Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2001 9:13 pm
by Fushia
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Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2001 9:34 pm
by Themacs
I guess I was shocked when there aren't a million posts about how great Tomahawk is. I am the 4th of five generations to vacation in this wonderful town. My dad started coming in 1945 with his parents and grandparents to Birchwood Manor on Clear Lake. And continued to visit throughout his childhood. My parents were married in 1964 and spent their honeymoon at Birchwood Manor. My brother and I were taken there as infants. In the '70s they bought a home on Lake Alice since Erna Prindle was getting on in years(she operated into the early '90s) My parents still have the same home which is now home away from home. My children have now vacationed there every winter and summer since they were infants. Forget Florida and oceans! Give me the beautiful Northwoods. Sitting on the pontoon in the middle of Lake Alice with the sun in your face and the cool breeze...Life CAN'T get any better than this!!!!!<BR>Thank-you Tomahawk for 30+ years of great memories, I hope to add many many more!