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Thank-you local snowmobiler!!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:51 pm
by Themacs
I want to give a big "thank-you!!" shout out to the snowmobiler on the new Ski-Doo 50th Anniversary and friend.

My parents who are young Sr Citizens, were coming home from the Big Moose when my dad cut a corner too sharp and the fresh new snow sucked him in and down a steep hill. My mom flagged down two riders that stopped, she pointed down the hill and said he needed help and he was "old". They proceeded to get back on their sleds and leave. No thanks to you!!! Shame on you two!!!

Two more sleds drove up, my mom told them and without hesitation they were down the steep hill helping my dad dig his sled out. I cannot thank you enough for helping my parents!!

Thanks again!!!!