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Justice in Tomahawk

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:32 am
by tooten
I'm sorry to all of the hand-wringers out there but a guilty plea to being a party to reckless endangerment does not add up to what took place in Tomahawk 2 years ago. This was a entire event was a conspiracy to do the victim, Tracey Mauer, great bodily harm. It has nothing to do with "reckless endangerment." When you furnish a would be murderer with weapons and hide his blood soaked cloths under your bed until the cops come and drag them out you have stepped far past "Recklessly Endangering Another's Safety". That offence requires the defendant to recklessly engage in conduct that creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death to another person. An example would be a person driving at high speed in a a reckless manor on a street full of pedestrians or firing a gun into side of an occupied house, certainly not partaking in the planning, supplying weapons to commit the crime of felony murder and then hiding evidence after the fact.

Here is the statute:
ยง 941.30(1) proscribes "recklessly endanger[ing] another's safety under circumstances which show utter disregard for human life." To obtain a conviction, the State must prove three elements beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) the defendant endangered the safety of another human being; (2) the defendant endangered the safety of another by criminally reckless conduct; and (3) the circumstances of the defendant's conduct showed utter disregard for human life. See WIS JI--CRIMINAL 1345.

Addording to her attorney this idiot may have been under the spell of the "Charles Manson like" Seth Lewis. "Spell" or not she certainly did not receive a just sentence for being a party to a preplaned homicide. This proves a murderous defendant in Lincoln County can get a sentence that amounts to less jail time than our diligent Tomahawk Police Officers worked in hours investigating the crime. Shame on the District Attorney and the Judge for allowing this to happen. I'll remember these two stalwarts of jurisprudence when the next election comes to pass.

Re: Justice in Tomahawk

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:00 pm
by Floyd Alvin
Well I can only assume that you think the punishment does not fit the crime...

Most plea-bargains don't but they add up to wins in win column come election time for the DA and we all know that is the only thing that counts to a politician.

Remember, there really is no such thing as law, there is only politics and politicians. They make, interpret and ignore the laws they pass as they see fit.