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Public Servants

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:15 am
by tooten
Tomahawk is loosing three fantastic public servants due to well deserved retirements in 2010.

Paul Garner started his career with the City of Tomahawk as a police officer and eventually ran for election as the Clerk Treasurer. What a fine job he has done in that position. For many years he has been the "Go to Guy" in city government. Paul's shoes will be very hard to fill.

Don Friske started his public service career in the military and then took a job as a Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff. Don was promoted several times because of his excellent work and eventually left the department as a lieutenant. Don ran for office as the representative for the 35th District and did an exceptional job of representing the people of our area in the State legislature. In a day when many politicians are more interested in filling their own pockets or taking care of special interests and lobbying enterprises Don stood way above that all that. A great communicator, always the gentlemen but the real word for Don Friske is integrity. What fine job he has done. He will be missed.

Bob Skuball is certainly one of the finest coaches ever to participate in high school athletics in in the State of Wisconsin. Besides all the winning teams, state championships, collage scholarships, etc. just imagine how many kids he has influenced to be better individuals in their future lives. Bob's dedication to our youth is second to none. What a guy.

If you see any of these retirees on the street be sure to thank them for a job well done.

Re: Public Servants

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:00 am
by tooten
Another One.

After a career that spanned the past 43 years with the Tomahawk Fire Department, Battalion Chief Tom Hanke has retired. What a contribution the Hanke family has made to the Fire Department. His father Chief Les Hanke retired with somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 years of service. Tomahawk has the finest and respected volunteer Fire Department in Wisconsin and Tom Hanke played a big part in making the department what it is. Well done Tom, enjoy your retirement.

When you see Tom don't forget to tell him thanks.