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Jail and Courthouse

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:36 am
by tooten
The Lincoln County Jail now has a population of 50% capacity and a Huber unit that is only at 20% of capacity and they just had a press release stating that they are hoping to get prisoner inmates from other counties in the area. What the heck are they running a Holiday Inn? The county board approved this huge addition to the county jail and now they are going to build an addition to the court house that is double the size of the one that was planned and are spending an additional $600,000 tax dollars. I've listened to Bob Lussow on WJJQ's pod casts whine about unfunded state mandates, but I never hear the word "No" coming out of his mouth. Some judge decided that the courthouse wasn't convenient enough for her fellow lawyers and judges so the board went on this huge remodel the courthouse spending spree. The jail was remolded under some other bureaucratic state mandate, excuse. Who cares about convinces for lawyers or for that matter jail inmates, I know I don't and I'm certain that most Lincoln County property taxpayers don't either. These mandates are coming from the same State of Wisconsin that has over spent 6 billion dollars that they don't have. I think it's time to elect some new board members that understand the meaning of the word "No."