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Snake ID

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:05 pm
by Tom B
I have a question. While I was up for the 4th my wife and I took a ride out on Hwy H. We turned down the Rd that leads to the Case testing grounds and there on the road was a snake all of 4 feet long. Brown with Gray diamond shapes on its back. Are there Rattle snakes in the Tomahawk area or was this another type of snake. It was the largest snake I have ever seen in my life and I would swear it was a rattler but I have only seen one other out west. Did not have the coloration of a pine snake and after looking up snakes of Wisconsin still looked like a rattle snake to me.
And Ideas
Thanks Tom B

Re: Snake ID

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:14 pm
by shirley
Most likely a Pine Snake. They get huge and do look like a rattler!! yuk!