Spring Reminder

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Spring Reminder

Postby Hogsback » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:22 pm

Hope all of the message board followers and citizens are doing well. I just wanted to post a reminder.

As we are beginning to see the warmer temperatures, you will begin to start seeing many more walkers, runners, and cyclists on the city streets and backroads. Please be courteous when encountering people on the roadways. Remember 3 feet is required by state law to clear a user safely and if there is oncoming traffic it's best to wait and then make your pass.

Users: make sure you're using your best judgement. Make sure when you are walking and running that you are facing traffic when on the roads and be visible especially at night. Cyclists make sure you ride with traffic when on the road and are visible as well. As a cyclist you are required by law to obey traffic laws as well i.e. running red lights = not legal and communicate with traffic on turns and obstacles pushing you further into traffic.

So to all, be safe and be courteous out there. In a small town like this chances are we may be connected in one way or another to that person that can potentially be hurt.

Thank You :)
Justin Lund

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