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Tomahawk Puppy Mill

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:05 pm
by Renee class of '80
In this weeks edition of the Leader, I am appalled about this following excerpt:
"The couple had expressed an interest in obtaining a kennel license and a Deputy was trying to assist them with that process which begins each year in January."
Lets go back to the facts...This couple rented a house, kept 57+ dogs and cats in inside, breeding, selling them for a profit, yet failed to register as a kennel or breeders license, and abused someone's else property by keeping all of these animals caged indoors? Not healthy or fair to the animals, not fair to the property owner, and not until they were being evicted reached out for help. Why did the officer not fine and rescue these animals when discovered? Every other business needs a license to operate, pay taxes, and more importantly be inspected for the well being of these poor animals. What duty it it of the deputy to NOT do his job and report this and take appropriate action? Next week we are in Jan. and they could not get a permit from the prior year? Working with the offender is not an option.
It seems to me that this was just not some out of control pet breeding, but an actual for profit business, and the authorities, ASPCA, Humane Society should have seized these dogs and cats immediately and slapped a healthy per pet fine on these people, with the proceeds benefitting the animal shelter.
I really hope all these animals find a loving home, get spayed and neutered and these people never able to get a license to raise animals again for profit. Too many unwanted pets in shelters for people to bring more into the world for profit, especially under these conditions.

Re: Tomahawk Puppy Mill

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:52 pm
by Eunice
We are looking for a small to medium "adult" female dog that is house trained and a good alert watchdog (ie will bark if someone is lurking on our small property or around our house ) but likes kids and would be happy to play catch with a little boy and doesn't need more than a half hour walk each day. Doesn't need to be really stranger, we would prefer one that is slightly wary. I know that sounds picky, but would any of those dogs fit that description or kind of fit that description, we don't care about shedding and I know how to bathe a dog, we would be glad to take care of the spaying and the shots.

Re: Tomahawk Puppy Mill

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:15 pm
by Renee class of '80
I bet with a little patience and training, any of those puppies would work for you. Don't forget what a "puppy mill" is, and those dogs were probably caged 90% of the time with no training, waiting to be sold commercially. If you went to a pet shop(where unfortunately many of these were probably headed for), they do not come trained. If looking for something like you are describing, I recommend adopting an older dog that has been trained, housebroken, and already settled down. Older dogs make wonderful additions and are generally overlooked for the cuter puppy. Another option is picking a specific breed, and googling that rescue. Every state has numerous breed specific rescues waiting to place dogs in their forever homes. You can also test your skills by volunteering at a shelter or being a "foster mom" until they find a forever home. Good luck!