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Superman Sammy's cancer battle ending at home

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:24 am
by Tomahawk Leader
We encourage you to look for the feature about Superman Sammy Massa, age 3, in this week's Tomahawk Leader. He's been battling brain cancer and has come home to be under hospice care. It's a touching, heart-wrenching story about something no child and no family should face. Now there will be no more surgeries, no more spinal taps. No more chemo, radiation or terrifying MRIs. It is anger. It is sadness. It is the unimaginable pain of watching as a young child on the cusp of turning 4 years old slowly succumbs to Stage 4 Primitive Neuroectrodermal Tumor (PNET) first discovered in his brain when he was just 22 months old. It is a living nightmare. But as the family says its good-byes, they know Sammy is going to a better place and want him to be remembered. Please read the full story or look for a summary at

The Leader has followed Sammy's story before and, with the American Cancer Relay slated here Saturday, June 28, will honor Sammy with luminaria messages at the local walk at Veterans Memorial Park. We'll add your message and a $5 donation in your name with new and renewal subscriptions. Look for the form in this week's newspaper, stop by the office, see our Online Edition at or call 715-453-2151.