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Dumping Junk

Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 1:27 pm
by Papahoik
I realize some items are a little difficult to get rid of, but just dumping them on others property is just inconsiderate and dangerous……. Someone still has to clean it up. What makes these individuals feel entitled to burden others with their garbage? As a new business owner in the Harrison area, I was surprised to find a large JVC television, and large Kenmore Gas Grill dumped behind my building recently. These items obviously weren’t cheap, so I would think the owner could afford a couple dollars to dispose of these items properly. Authorities will try to trace the ser #’s of each item to stores, and possibly credit or checking accounts, but it’s a long trail, and time has passed. Now I find myself investing in cameras, and lighting that I didn’t think would be needed in a peaceful area like this…………………. Anyone know someone that may have owned a large JVC TV and Kenmore Gas Grill, that doesn’t now? ------- Let me know, I have their items! – Thanks!

Re: Dumping Junk

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 8:33 pm
by Renee class of '80
I feel your pain here. Not only are they too cheap to take it to a dumpster, they make it an environmental hazard for many years, as unlike you, many never clean it up and it breaks down and leaches into the soil and groundwater, animals may eat parts of it. That stuff will last for centuries You will never track it down by the terms you said, people buy things 2nd hand, yard sales,goodwill so you will never prove ownership. Law enforcement will never get involved with these things on tax payers dime, as much as wishful thinking dictates so, too much expense over a truckload of junk.

You can narrow it down to someone who does not have trash pickup, too lazy to bring it to a proper dumpster or landfill, and I am sure did not travel more than a mile or two from where you are, and owns a truck. Probably a male, as a woman cannot lift that stuff, 20-40 years old probably. Keep your eyes open for such a person who lives down your road, who has a new BBQ grill, and you will probably find your culprit. Good luck!

Re: Dumping Junk

Posted: Thu May 21, 2015 9:05 am
by Papahoik
Good tips Renee! – Thanks! – I definitely will be on the lookout for sure………And, I agree, it’s someone close by. I have a family member in law enforcement, and the good news is they do (in many cases) follow up on illegal dumping – especially if there are numbers to ID items. People that do this “deed” once, generally do it again and again. You’re correct it’s a long-shot at best, but if the stars align, and the path’s come up with the same result…… I guess it might be worth checking into. I’m not holding my breath, but by spreading the word, among others of us more respectful of the environment, and other folks property - we can keep an eye out for each other as well…………… Like I said, if they’ve dumped once, they’ll dump again’’. We’re fortunate to live in such a stunning natural area - it’s hard to imagine such carelessness. So many would give anything to live here!