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Go Digital or Go Dark

Postby Renee class of '80 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:45 pm

Granted, it has been a good many years since I have been to Tomahawk and the theater, and sad to see it going. It was the focus on many of Friday and Saturday nights growing up and first dates. It is charming, small, but seriously has some potential of making a good go of it, but will need to conform like most businesses have to, to stay current.
This is no different. No one wants to watch a grainy movie when they get used to Imax theaters, curved screens, surround sound, reclining seats...every business must stay relevant or the doors close at some point.
If I remember, they had a balcony. Many theaters now serve food, liquor, have lounge chairs for the VIP area. Why not invest, and do a complete relaunch of the theater? Add that upstairs for VIP and charge more, while keeping the downstairs for the general public? Take out a business loan, remodel the chairs, the screen, the sound system, and make it relevant again. The average movie price here is $12.00 in the evenings...VIP $20.00, but it is a top notch experience, beautiful seats, deliver food to you of thing. Perhaps Cinemark, Fandango, Regal... has corporate offices that can help structure a business loan at a lower cost? I understand you asking the public to "help save" the theater, but truly, this is a private business that should be able to get a business loan, or sell it to an investor who has the ways and means to salvage it.
I wish the Tomahawk theater all the best, and I hope they still keep the uniqueness of the theater with all the modern technologies the movie goers deserve, but will take a huge investment.

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