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Upkeep on the side of Standard Mercantile\by Mr. Bradle

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 8:40 pm
by Fushia
Anyone notice the upkeep of the grassy area on the side of Standard Mercantile? It is right in
front of the beautiful mural of Mr. Bradley. It
is so magnificient and then under it is dead long
ugly weeds, dead grass! I was a bit uneasy to see it this way. Who cares for this and why is it left
on the street near the new boulevard looking this way? This area is seen by all who go through town!
So many truckers and cars pass by it daily and looks unkept! Who isn't noticing this area? I guess I'm just uneasy about it because of the beautiful mural and the ugly presentation underneath it...yucko! There are no flowers to work on by F & M Bank median this year? because
of road why not work over here??? :eek: