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Subdivisions being developed on Hillcrest Dr. & Hwy.

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2001 5:15 pm
by Past Board
Fushia posted 05-28-2001 08:53 PM CT (US)      <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Our community is going to be growing too fast<BR>with these subdivisions! Please attend town<BR> control the sprawl of these<BR>in the country...please comment on if you<BR>want to see this growth and crowded schools!<BR>We need to monitor the town growth and save<BR>the precious lands that are so beautiful along Hwy. 107 and other areas. <P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-28-2001 09:27 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I said it before and I will say it again. Everytime I come to Tomahawk it is looking more and more like a suburb of Wausau. Subdivisions? How about that swanky 4 lane that makes the commute to Wausau a mere 30-35 minutes? Very doable. Work in Wausau and live in Tomahawk where you can raise your kids without having to worry about those, um, big city problems. Oh yes....progress.... <P><BR>Old Scout posted 05-28-2001 09:30 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Why doe's this sound like " I have my piece of paradise now lets lock the door and keep everyone else out " What do you mean by control? Building within regulations or not alowing others to build in the place of their choice.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-28-2001 10:14 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I agree Old Scout. You cannot tout how great Tomahawk is and then in the next breath tell everyone not to move there. It does seem just a little hypocritical to build your house on this pristine piece of property, complete withe trout stream, and then complain about someone else who is doing the same thing only a few years later. I remember when we used to go sledding on King's Hill and there wasn't a house on it. It doesn't have quite the same charm today.<P>I wonder where Harley is going to build next?<P><BR>Jud posted 05-29-2001 02:13 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>The expansion of Harley, is going to bring alot of jobs to Tomahawk, AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!!! Maybe, if the population of Tomahawk grows, so will the convenience of shopping.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-29-2001 06:15 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You are absolutely right, Jud. More expansion, more jobs, more people, more houses, more subdivisions. Perhaps in the near future Tomahawk could even have a bus line to serve those who commute to Wausau. How about closing off Wisconsin Avenue and turning downtown into a mall? We could install neon lights on several of the lakes and have piped in loon calls to give what remains of the tourists a real show!!! Deer statues could line our highways, and wolf howlings could be played via a public address system hidden somewhere nearby. <P>Change is one thing. Progress is another.<P><BR>Deb Richardson posted 05-29-2001 08:00 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Well stated Mr. Kottah. I've always been a bit baffled by the idea that there is no shopping in Tomahawk. Aren't our basic needs met by what we have here. As far as "major" shopping concerns, the 30 to 40 minute trips that we need to make to go to Wausau or Rhinelander are really no different than that of people living in the suburbs of Chicago or Minneapolis. Often times a trip to the mall in the city areas involve battling traffic that makes such a trip more than 40 minutes. Let me see, stuck in noisy smelly traffic to shop or nature at it's best, I'll take the nature route. It's scary to me that our society has developed such a fast-food gradification mentality. Makes a person wonder what will become of our world.<P><BR>Fushia posted 05-29-2001 09:27 AM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Yes, got way off the subject here in this<BR>spot..I see..hmmmmmmm.<BR>Well, old scout what I'm trying to say is<BR>they are trying to pop up about 14 homes<BR>along Pine Creek on Hillcrest and 107. That<BR>is alot of homes in a little plot of land.<BR>This will continue if people in the country<BR>sell off their lands to make money. There<BR>will be no beauty of lands or place for<BR>wildlife habitat. Why not sell the whole parcel to one person instead of cutting it<BR>up into these small parcels..Homes will also<BR>have mound systems and no where to go with it..if you know what I will be<BR>put under the roads..and that will be a problem...who is to say that some of the run<BR>off won't be put into the river? <P><BR>jimbo71 posted 05-29-2001 12:49 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Developers should be required to live within a half mile of their projects. Then maybe the "not in my back yard" mentality would take hold.<P><BR>Fushia posted 05-29-2001 02:10 PM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>jimbo: I like your idea!..Good one for sure!<BR>Thank you for your input. Hope to see your<BR>thoughts here again. Then, they(contractor) would be<BR>right there for all of the problems with <BR>the mound system etc...just a door away...<BR>and very busy I might add with a spring like<BR>we just had and flooding in many areas.<P><BR>Old Scout posted 05-29-2001 08:39 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Mr. Kottah,<P>In case you haven't heard Harley plans on building the new plant on the land south of 86 (D) between Kapham Rd. and Highway 51. They purchased 98 acres.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-29-2001 09:15 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>How wonderful for the people living near there. I'm wondering when they will want everyone's first-born.<P><BR>Old Scout posted 05-30-2001 10:02 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>A couple of questions. 14 homes, how big is this piece of land ? I was of the understanding that there is a minimum lot size for building. <BR>What is the problem with mound systems? I have had one for the past eight years with no problems. I live on a hill but with the type of soil (too much hardpan and clay)I had to go with the mound. When built properly they are less likly to cause problems than in ground systems.<BR>What is the problem with people selling their land for a profit? If they can make more by selling it as lots than as a single parcel they would be fools not to. So far this sounds more like an emotional issue than a problem based on facts. If there is a true problem then take it to the town board. If you just don't want more neighbors, Then that is a personal problem. As I see it everyone has the right to own their dream home in the country just as you do.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 06:10 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Not everyone would agree with you, Old Scout. There is also the issue to aesthetics. Where I live, several suburbs have p***ed laws that limit sprawl. There is a problem with selling your land for a profit if it impacts your neighbor's quality of life or the value of their land. For instance, if I lived across the road from you and then sold my land to, say, Harley-Davidson and they put up a stinky factory, your land value would go down. Do I have the right to do this to you? Would I be correct in calling you "collateral damage?" Would you have no right to be upset?<P><BR>jimbo71 posted 05-31-2001 09:19 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Old Scout! how would you like it if your neighbor decided to raise pigs for profit?<P><BR>rmgp posted 05-31-2001 12:03 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Lincoln County Zoning meeting...public hearing actually. I listened for hours to people who bought property next to an existing operating gravel pit then had the audacity to want it shut down because it was too noisy! I listened to a woman go on and on that if a subdivision is allowed to go in across the street from her, there wouldn't be enough electricity for her, I listened to a man about the same subdivision say that if the subdivision goes in where will he hunt..not his property in the first place but he wouldn't be able to hunt on it...seems like if these people don't like what's going on around them...they should buy more property.. every one has a right to their piece of the pie, but they don't have a right to someone for the selling pigs for profit, jimbo, conditional use permits, and agricultural zoning are supposed to limit just such ventures...believe me the zoning boards take serious notice to the neighbors of "pig farmers". But subdivisions are progress and like I said if you don't like what's going on in your it for yourself<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 12:26 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>RMPG writes <<believe me the zoning boards take serious notice to the neighbors of "pig farmers">><P>They take serious notice unless it is a large employer like Harley-Davidson wanting to expand into residential neighborhoods like the one on what used to be East Wisconsin Avenue. It is interesting how zoning can be changed to accommodate those who have power and money. <P><BR>Jud posted 05-31-2001 01:33 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>A personal problem against Harley should be taken up with Harley, not taken out on the town for wanting to grow. Some of you people love Tomahawk so much you left, but still want to tell the people living here what should be done.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 01:39 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Jud - you obviously have not read my other posts. In my other posts I have made it clear it is up to the people of Tomahawk to decide what they want their town to be, but that you can't have both the quaintness of a small town and simultaneously look like a suburb of Wausau.<P>My purpose of mentioning Harley-Davidson was simply to demonstrate the impotence of zoning as it pertains to protecting your property rights. Zoning can be changed to accommodate, well, you know, the people with "connections."<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 01:46 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>One other thing Jud - when did I say I loved Tomahawk? Even if I do, does that mean I must live there my whole life? Some of us move on to other opportunities. I never thought of Tomahawk as being a life sentence.<P><BR>rmgp posted 05-31-2001 02:50 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You're right, Kottah, the zoning can be changed for people with connections. Much like the zoning for manufacturing districts can now include hospitals. Bet you can't guess what back room politics are involved with that little move. However, if Harley wasn't "helped" with the zoning and the new plant, Tomahawk would have lost one of its major employers. I know this means nothing to you "keep Tomahawk all to ourselves and small" people but if you examine the trickle down theory, there are a whole lot of people that depend on the income produced by Harley. Right down to the Nelsons and Vieguts. All you tourists can't keep a town going all year long, it takes us locals to keep this town going so you can all have a town to come visit...right? So quit bashing Harley, I for one am glad that they will be staying in Tomahawk. And let's build lots of subdivisions to house all the new people that will be employed there :) <P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 03:19 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>RMPG - I am not a tourist. I go to Tomahawk strictly to visit my family. If I had no family there, I probably would never even go to Tomahawk. I couldn't care less if Tomahawk is a tourist town or a suburb of Wausau as I have no stake in it. I do not live there. I do not work there. I rarely even spend money there except maybe to fill up my gas tank or eat an occasional meal. I'm afraid I don't fit your stereotype of the tourist with the Winnebago pulled by their Suburban. And as for Harley-Davidson, if you want to be a cheerleader for them, by all means do so. I owe no loyalty to Harley. I don't work for them and I don't own any of their products.<P><BR>Old Scout posted 05-31-2001 08:34 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>So far all I see is a lot of emotional Dialog that doesn't say anything. I would still like an answer to the questions in my last post.<BR>Mr Kottah, on a personal note, for some one who has no ties other than the fact that you have family here and apparently do not even like Tomahawk you certainly seem to have a lot of opinions on how we should live and run our community. I feel that those of us who have a stake in the city of Tomahawk and in the future of our city are very qualified to determine our own destiny. We don't need outsiders putting us and the city of Tomahawk down. No community can remain stagnent and not make any changes and expect to survive. If there are no new business or if the local business do not grow and add to the employment opportunities this will become a city that is waiting to die. With these new jobs will come new people and a need for a place for them to live. If we start locking them out of the housing market then they will look elsewhere. People are always crying about propery taxes, but when you have more people, homes and business you spred the cost around and we all win in the end.<BR>By the way jimbo, my neighbor does raise pigs, for his own use.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 05-31-2001 09:31 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Old Scout - I do this strictly for entertainment. I truly do not have a personal stake in any of this. Harley could close down tomorrow and it wouldn't affect me one iota. Finally, if you don't like what I write, I invite you not to read my posts. <P><BR>Old Scout posted 05-31-2001 11:21 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Now that I got that off my chest I feel much better.I think we are getting way off the subject. What did this start off as, oh yes I remember. Subdivisions. <BR>Actually Mr Kottah this makes for a lively and interesting dicussion. Funny how so many times we agree and then can turn around and be on opposit sides of an issue. My apologies for getting a bit testy.<P><BR>JFlosum posted 06-01-2001 11:28 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I graduated from Tomahawk High in the 60s and immediately left because there was no way to make a living. Unless your parents owned or managed one of the local businesses, there were very few jobs with any future. When I left the population was in the mid 3000s. From what I can see it’s still in the mid 3000s. I am not in favor of all out growth for growth’s sake. But I do not think it unreasonable for people to be able to raise a family in Tomahawk with at least some glimmer of hope that there may be some way their kids would be able to do the same. That means jobs and housing. As it stands now and for the last 40 years, one of the best things a parent can do to prepare their kid for a future is to invest in a good atlas so they can start exploring other communities with better opportunities. From the sounds of it, that may be sage advice for the next 40 years also. The “nimby” syndrome is alive and well in Tomahawk. But it’s that way all over the county these days. Incidentally, I have no problem with nepotism; it’s only natural to take care of you and yours first, but not first and last. <P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 06-01-2001 11:34 AM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>You are right about the population of Tomahawk proper being pretty stable over the years, however if you look at the town of Bradley (and a few others), the growth is very evident.<P><BR>jimbo71 posted 06-01-2001 08:33 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>More and more people want to leave the large cities to move to smaller communities like Tomahawk. But they want to bring all the big city lifestyle with them. So after the big migration what are you going to end up with? Another large city that they were trying to leave behind.<P><BR>Mr Kottah posted 06-01-2001 09:42 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Some of us anticipated that and left Tomahawk for the big city. It's amazing how quiet it is in the city on weekends when all of the residents here are off to their cabins "up north" or in towns like Tomahawk, escaping the city together.<P><BR>Fushia posted 06-10-2001 10:04 PM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Hello!<BR>There has been good discussion on here regarding town sprawl, but I'm still waiting<BR>for some town control of building and subdivisions. I have driven through towns throughout our state that are sprawled out<BR>with subdivisions and it isn't pretty! Please<BR>attend your town meetings. It is too easy to get these subdivisions p***ed through if you<BR>aren't in attendance. Do we want to move<BR>further north to Presque Isle or Boulder Junction to escape the sprawl? I don't, do you? Let's hear about some ideas to keep the countryside and beauty without subdividing. Do you care about the growth or are you just<BR>going to go with the flow and let it happen like other towns? Let's hear some feedback<BR>and keep on the subject this time. More schools will have to be built to support all<BR>of the families. Again, I've seen this happen<BR>in other towns and we need to have some planned growth, not sporatic homes all around<BR>the country side.<P><BR>rmgp posted 06-11-2001 01:57 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Obviously you haven't been to Presque Isle or Boulder Junction in a about sprawl! Boulder Jnct. makes Tomahawk look like a ghost town. And the only thing unpopulated in Presque Isle is the town's all just well hidden. As for subdivisions, Town of Tomahawk has some stringent guidelines to keep the subdivisions looking "wildernessy" for lack of better term. Waterfront needs to preserve as much of the natural beauty as possible and so on. If you squeak enough at your board meetings, they do listen. YOu can't stop progress but you can make it look nice and if you just don't like the fact that outsiders are moving in on your turf, you just have to start investing in lots of property because like it or not that's the only way you can rightfully say how that property is used. <P><BR>jimbo71 posted 06-11-2001 03:37 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>There may be zoning ordinances and building codes but they are only as good as the enforcement. Waterfront property owners still in many cases do pretty much what ever they feel like. Drive around the Lake Nokomis shoreline and see how much frontage has been cleared and graded or retaining walls built. I'm sure this can be found on any lake in this area. <P><BR>pappyj34 posted 06-18-2001 07:58 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I was born in a small town, now it's a big city. The progress my friends has just begun.<BR>so grab a piece of the small town while you still can. It's sad but true. First Harley then the mega corporate crap that follows. And it never stops. Just make the best of it!<BR>I wish you a slow growth and try to plan for the growth or it will destroy the small town atmosphere.I hope to be one of those employed by Harley-Davidson and would like to enjoy life in a small town again.<P><BR>Fushia posted 06-19-2001 09:26 PM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Regarding these proposed homes here on Hillcrest and 107: the DNR is now involved<BR>and it is more than just homes being built.<BR>It is upsetting the natural wild rice beds<BR>and duck habitat of Pine Creek. The people<BR>who have lived there their entire life also<BR>know there is much flooding in this area. They also know the mound systems won't be capable of all the run off from the septic<BR>mound systems being proposed here. This is against the rules to ruin these rice beds as<BR>stated. Some area's are better than others<BR>and this isn't one of them. Some people are<BR>clueless to what is happening here and are<BR>going to have major problems with their homes<BR>in winter also with problems to the mounds etc. Some of these lots just shouldn't be<BR>sold. They said it will be up to the realtor<BR>to sell them and are they going to tell the<BR>intended buyer of the water problems? What<BR>do you think? $$$$$$$$ or truth?<P><BR>Fushia posted 06-19-2001 09:41 PM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Nice discussion on the boards. Some stick<BR>to the subject nicely. Other's should maybe<BR>start a Harley Headline to talk about<BR>corporate businesses. It is all interesting<BR>though and interesting to talk about with<BR>everyone to see the view of the town. Wish<BR>more variety would come to the boards so<BR>we could have larger input on some subjects.<BR>It is great to have a place to discuss issues<BR>in the comfort of your own home also on these<BR>Tomahawk boards. No gas to get there and can come anytime. Thank you Tomahawk Leader!<P><BR>MARSHA posted 06-20-2001 09:51 AM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>The city of Tomahawk has grown in many ways. Population may not be one of the ways it has grown, but every township around the city has grown.<BR>Over all this area is great! The city is not what makes people come here. It is the lack of the city. I agree, if you do not want a subdivsion across the street from you, buy the property and don't develope. Zoning does not matter here. The township,city, and county boards do what is in the best interest of the tax bills. If you do not believe me read the paper and see how many agricultural lands (with the boards permission)now have a home on less then 40 acers.<P><BR>Fushia posted 06-26-2001 09:05 PM CT (US)          <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Good discussion on the subject. I don't live<BR>near here, but have many friends who are concerned with what is happening here and I'm keeping updated on the progress of what is<BR>happening here. I don't agree that is fair to<BR>the people that will find these lots attractive because there are many hidden problems and it will be too late after they<BR>purchase and try to resell the lands. Unforturnate that this could and might happen: Like Buyer's Beware! Everything seems<BR>to get p***ed at the town meeting's and they<BR>seem to want the board to sign it the same night!..they keep saying they won't and then do anyway to get them off their back. There is a committee now working with the DNR regarding the wild rice beds that will be ruined and other habitat. I'm concerned for this reason and also the people buying and having flooding here. All we can do at this point is attend the meetings, talk it over and listen. Good Luck! Attend your township meetings and be active in it and you won't<BR>be sorry.

Re: Subdivisions being developed on Hillcrest Dr. & Hwy.

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2003 9:15 am
by JFlosum
A lot of communities in California have practiced the “NIMBY” (not in my back yard) syndrome so successfully that thy have created a rather serious problem for themselves. Housing shortages and relocation of jobs because workers can no longer afford to live in those communities. You also get a rather serious traffic/air quality situation, as workers become commuters, forced to live in nearby communities with more affordable housing. I’m not sure Tomahawk is dealing with air quality or not but traffic has certainly been an issue.

If you are gong to be successful as a community (and I guess that is for each to decided as to what successful is) and as individuals living in the community, you have to balance smart, controlled growth, meaning both job base and housing. Or else you force your own to move out of town looking for work and housing.

Hey wait a minute; Tomahawk has been doing that for 50 years that I am aware of already! Look at you population growth…. Nearly nil as most of Tomahawk’s own move out as fast as they can.

Oh yeah, and listen to aphephilia and stop bashing Harley! I own a nice chunk of their stock, thank you! Everyone should go out and buy a Hog!!

Do they still do the golf carts there?

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Re: Subdivisions being developed on Hillcrest Dr. & Hwy.

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 3:03 pm
by Fushia
Thanks Marty for your post! Seems someone chose to bring this post up again~It has however gotten
"way off" the subject first posted. Talks about Harley and building new facilities etc. That isn't what I posted about. I posted about the homes proposed to be built out on 107. Yes Marty, it is about harmony and nature! You stated it well! Thanks again for your post.

Re: Subdivisions being developed on Hillcrest Dr. & Hwy.

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 4:39 pm
by pat
"I posted about the homes proposed to be built out on 107."
There is no 14 home sub-division being built on Hillcrest Drive. That plan was dropped a long time ago. It was foumd that the area that was proposed for the sub-division could not accomodate 14 lots due to various reasons.

Re: Subdivisions being developed on Hillcrest Dr. & Hwy.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 10:23 am
by Fushia
Yes, Pat seems some like to bring up old posts
that aren't active now as of the meetings etc. dropped the projects~must have been a reason they chose to discuss it again? Maybe they know something about the development that the rest of us don't?