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Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:47 am
by Deb Richardson
I really find the whining regarding the Fall Ride a bit tiresome. It's old news.

My husband and I housed 15 individuals for the weekend. This was the fourth year that we have welcomed this group into our home, at our expense. The gentleman that organizes this group is a business contact to my husband, so we don't feel inclined to charge these folks. Not only are they housed, but feed as well. We've had some pretty open discussions regarding the Fall Ride around the campfire. The general consensus with this group is that paying a little more at events like this is the norm and expected. To them it's part of being on vacation. To them it's part of contributing to good causes. This same group has checked out the the message board and have commented on the negative comments. These people know that the naysayers are a very small minority. They know that Tomahawk is a fun welcoming community.
For that reason some of these folks have made trips to Tomahawk to use the ATV trails, fish, and relax. Thus bringing more revenue to our community. Tell me why when riding a Harley and dressed in black leather that money is dirty?

aphephilia, good luck with your new job, too bad you need to leave Tomahawk to find a job in your field, there are great jobs here too. I do feel that your negativity toward the Fall Ride is more of a Harley issue from the parking lot and your Dad being displaced. I think the regulars to the board will remember that past discussion.

Regardless of how any event is handled there are going to be people whining, it's human nature!

Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 1:21 pm
by JFlosum
Thank you Swish for setting the record straight.

I have said it before about using a forum like this for complaining about things. As soon as you open up a topic for shots on goal, the first thing that usually gets shot, is the truth or the facts.

And not necessarily on purpose or with ill intent in mind. But all to often folks are lacking in the inside story and are simply relying on hearsay or rumors or other unreliable sources.

Nice post Deb!

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Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2003 8:38 pm
by aphephilia
Actually Deb, your "feelings" are quite inaccurate as most feelings are when you don't even know the person you are having these "feelings" about.
My opinion on the Fall Ride has nothing to do with the parking lot, my dad, or harley, as I have held this opinion long before any of that ever took place.

Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2003 9:43 am
by JKR
I don't hate the Harley weekend, its wonderful what they raise for MDA. The only problem I have is trying to get out of town thursday and friday afternoon with a bus load of kids,and do it safely!Its not just in town its out in the country too! It would be nice if the school could somehow take friday off! Eagle River's schools do when they have the World Championship Snowmobile races! When you have that many people in a small town at once it kinda gets crowded. I'm not whining,just to let everyone know,I've learned to deal with it.I could not believe the things the little kids came home with on friday from school,they had head bandannas,cards,glow in the dark sticks,and some other stuff.They were so excited about it all,it was cute!I was impressed on how much they got!Somebody spent alot of money on it! :) :)

Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 4:58 pm
by Deb Richardson
OK aphephilia, I apologize for my inaccurate comment on your feelings. Let me rephrase that by saying "the impression" you have left me and possibly others on the message board regarding anything involving Harley and the Fall Ride go back to past issues. If that's not the case just tell us why all the negative energy. Also, it is true that I don't know you personally, however, as a fellow message board poster we get to "know" each other by what has been posted. With that reasoning, I am left with the "impression" that from past posts that your negativity is due to past personal issues regarding the parking area. Once again congrats on finding a great job in your field. Moving to a new place is a bit scary but can be great fun, I speak from experience. Good luck.

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Re: Greed at the fall ride !

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 7:58 pm
by Deb Richardson
JKR, I never thought about the hassle your job could be the days leading up to the Fall Ride. Not a bad idea as far as safety issues, to either shorten the school day on Friday or possibly make it a teacher in-service day to keep the buses off the road. Although, my guys never rode on your bus route, I know they were always in good hands during some of those long sports trips to and from Ashland when you were the driver. Thanks and keep up the good work. Some may call me crazy but I do miss those days.

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