Searching for birthmother

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Searching for birthmother

Postby sweetpeasearching » Thu May 04, 2006 1:06 pm

I was born in Tomahawk in 1973, My bio name was Carolene Jean. I have been searching for my bio-mom since I was 19. I am now living in Florida and would hope that someone would recognize my bio name and maybe be searching for me. If you think you might have any info that could help me, please email me at I do know at the time my mom was unwed and was in a home for unwed mothers. This is what I have been told, I was taken away not given up voluntarily. I really want to know my birth family I have had some heartache with my adopted family. My adopted mom and dad were great, but death took a toll on my heart. I feel I need to get some kind of closure with everything and I need to find out some things about my bio parents, and I have 3 georgous children that could use a grandma also. Please if you know anything or you know me (brown hair, hazel green eyes, about 5'6) contact me. I have no hatred at all, I just would like to meet my blood. It has been a long hard road and this is my last attempt, the state makes it very difficult to find out anything. Thank you!

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