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Positive momentum

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed May 14, 2008 4:51 pm

A letter in the May 13 Tomahawk Leader:

Letter to the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of helping to develop a plan to rehabilitate the old Sacred Heart Hospital, now Northwoods Village, both as a consultant and volunteer for the past several years. The city is fortunate to have owners of this quality complex that are very motivated to make it into a unique facility that will offer significant economic development and job opportunities in the area for many years to come. Their efforts will be assisted greatly by the recent measure by the Common Council to consider offering Tax Incremental Financing. This will be an important step in assuring that the project gets off the ground and will help a great deal to assure its success.

There are many people throughout the community that deserve a big pat on the back for their work in creating this opportunity for the city. Despite a prevailing thought to tear down such a valued asset, a multitude of people, both individually and through groups like the Citizens for the Betterment of the Community, spent countless hours over many years to creatively look for ways to find occupants for the facility. Numerous others in the community have helped in many ways to pave the way to maximize the use and value of the buildings to the community.

All of this planning and hard work has led to current owners who are interested in the development of a quality assisted living and unique educational facility and the positive spin-offs to the community that will occur as a result. The city also has the incredible opportunity presented to it with the potential of the Main Street Program, another project that many worked hard, and selflessly, to create. These are unique opportunities that must be embraced and acted upon while they are in our grasp.

We should hope to continue in this positive vein to lend support to projects such as Northwoods Village and Main Street to make them a reality. It was a difficult road, and a lot of work, to get each of these to this point. Opportunities like this are both rare and badly needed to continue to ensure the economic viability of the downtown and the area. Positive public support openly, and in private conversation, can go far to help assure the success of such initiatives and will serve to continue building positive momentum for more things to come for the community and the area.

Dick Theiler

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