Whyare House apprasals going up 11%and house valves dropping

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Whyare House apprasals going up 11%and house valves dropping

Postby bradleytaxpayer1 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:07 pm

[color=#FF4080]Why are the town of Bradleys new house apprasals going up 11%??? Call up any town realtor and ask what houses are selling for?? most are DOWN 15%-20%... its a sign of the times. Look at all the newspaper adds prices are dropping, houses are not selling, even lake houses are falling. when you see some of the ads with headlines price reductions with some being up to 25%... So how can we keep rasing our taxes?? I hope every body goes out and complains about their new house apprasals. We have to stop this now. Maybe its time we cut back on the size of the Town board committees. Go to the towns web site take a look at what some of the people are making for part time jobs. Its getting to the point where we cant live here any more. look at what the local jobs pay,if your not at a mill or harley your making well under 10 bucks a hour. People you have to start fighting back now, go to your town meeting and see whats happening. they spend our money with no problems. then they slide their raises right in with the town workers. Maybe we need a new town ASSESSOR. which by the way is a non voted person.does that mean shes in for life?? please go to our web site and take a look at things you may be very surprised, just open up all the differant pages. heres the site just click on ithttp://www.townofbradley.org/index.htm
please i hope people feel the same way and let others know. :(

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Re: Whyare House apprasals going up 11%and house valves dropping

Postby deltatango » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:50 pm


My Dad bought land on Nokomis in 48. I've seen changes through the years and well, like other aspects of life, not always better. The property taxes are very high in Wisconsin relative to other states. I believe this is because most county revenue is raised via property tax via the land owners and not from large commercial entities or corporations due to the lack of same.

Did you hear the interview with the Lincoln county commisioner on WJJQ Wednesday morning, 8/20/08? An almost flabbergasted (at times) commisioner tried to come up with answers for an anticipated shortfall of one million dollars in next years budget. If you can,try to get a copy of it. It was an eye opener for me.

I payed almost $5,000.00 in 2008 taxes. What services does the county provide me for that money? Other than a land fill, which I seldom use, nothing. I'm just saying it's getting very difficult to justify paying the continual rising cost of living on a flowage that has no water or fish in it.

The things I enjoy the most at the lake is the abundance of wildlife and quiet and even now that is being detracted by the weekenders from Wausau with their party lights and echoing beer belches accross the bay and back.

Well, we've had some great times through the years. Yes, we've decided it's time to move on. Soon, one more "for sale" sign to join in with the sea of others.

Good luck to you.

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