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T/Sgt Ebert Mark KIA 04/04/1944

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:16 pm
by phil from belgium
Hello , I’m doing research on a man who is buried at my hometown Ronse in Belgium (Europe). The name of the man is Malrait Gilbert A.
Malrait was born in the US at Central Falls RI in 1919 but lived in Ronse from 1928 till 1939. Gilbert's father stayed in Ronse during and after WWII. That's why Gilbert was buried in Belgium at last .
In 1942 Gilbert started his training as a pilot, which was followed by a training as navigator. He joined the 449BG of the 15AF, operating from Grottaglie (Italy).He was in the 719th squadron on the Thieme Crew and I think they have done several missions together before the dramatic crash.
2nd Lt Malrait was on board of the B-24H Liberator 41-28655 that was piloted by F/O William M. Thieme Jr on the 04/04/1944, 4 minutes after crossing the marshalling yard of Bucharest, the aircraft was hit by Flak : Gilbert Malrait and six of his companions (T/Sgt Ebert Mark) died and were buried close to Giurgiu at the Danube riverin Romania. After the war, their bodies (including that of the in the mean time deceased radio-operator) were transferred to the American Cemetery of Sinaia in the north of Ploesti. Later on, Gilbert Malrait was transferred to Neuville-en-Condroz and ultimately, the 20th of August 1950, he found his last resting-place in Ronse. The remains of T/Sgt Ebert where repatriated to the USA on demand of the next of can.

The engineer of this plane was T/Sgt Mark J. Ebert. I search for all the members of this crew and looking for the story’s and one or more scanned pictures of this young men who died for our freedom. I found tis site while looking for family of members of that crew on this dramatic flight on 04/04/1944.
T/Sgt Ebert was coming from Oneida County WI , that’s why I’m looking for family in this area . I found that Mark J.Ebert is probably buried in a private cemetery at Wisconsin but have no further details. Is there anyone who can help me to find family and the cemetery were this man is buried.T/Sgt Ebert Mark was KIA on a bomber raid on Bucharest railroad station? He was buried on the 3 may 1950. I’m looking for every information that I can get on the men of this crew. I can only have information if I find family or others who will help me further on my search on every member of this crew.
My email address:
My postal address is: Vanderdonckt Philippe
Langeweg 40
9600 Ronse
Belgium ( Europe )
I build a website in honor of 2nd Lt Malrait Gilbert A. who was the navigator on the Thieme crew and when I found more information I will included the whole crew with the engineer T/Sgt Ebert Mark included . Sorry for my bad English I’m Flemish. Is there anyone who nows the story of this man and can find family of this man in Lake Tomahawk, that would be great for my research on this B-24 crew.

Kind regards and thanks in advance.

Philippe Vanderdonckt

Re: T/Sgt Ebert Mark KIA 04/04/1944

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:30 am
by phil from belgium
There is now a tribute page on T/Sgt Mark Ebert online see . Anyone who has aditional information please contact me at

Thanks in advance.