Seniors: Be a kid again, dance the afternoon away

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Seniors: Be a kid again, dance the afternoon away

Postby Webmaster » Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:33 am

Senior citizens take note: Here's a chance to act like a kid again!

Area seniors, including nursing and rehabilitation home residents, are being invited to dance the afternoon away this Sunday in the Tomahawk High School gym.

The stage will already be set - the decorations in place. The gym will be decorated for the high school's annual Winter Ball, offering students an enchanted evening called "Frosted Nights" the night before. Afterwards, the frills, streamers and lights, that the students worked hard to build and set in place, will be left behind for extended use by another generation the next afternoon.

Area community members who might not have stepped foot on a high school dance floor for multiple decades are encouraged to enjoy their own "Senior Ball" between 1 and 3 p.m.

Admission is free and Tomahawk High School Student Council members will be on hand to "chaperone" and for anyone who might need a "special date." Refreshments also will be served.

What a wonderful gesture! What fun!

We've heard of similar endeavors at other schools and congratulate our high school students for pursuing this multigenerational event. Why not extend the magic of a special dance as long as you can? Make use of those decorations; and meet some lesser-known members of the community - at least from a young person's perspective.

Plus, you're bound to bring a smile to someone's face and warm some hearts on a cold winter's day.

We've been told that Cheryl Brown from Tomahawk Bus Service has even come forward to offer her company's services so residents at area nursing and rehabilitation homes can attend. Thank you!

The dance floor is waiting.

Senior citizens, here's your chance to be a kid again!

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