Tyle Kahle – a shooting star

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Tyle Kahle – a shooting star

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:03 pm

The Tomahawk community lost one of its finest young men Thursday when Tyler Kahle, son of Tom and Michele Kahle and 2006 graduate of Tomahawk High School, fell to his death in an industrial accident at an open-pit gold mine near Nome, Alaska.

The 19-year-old Kahle was a gifted athlete, all-conference baseball player and MVP of the 2006 Hatchet diamond squad. Much more than that, though, he was a devoted son and considered his many friends to be "family."

An adventuresome kid, Tyler loved to hunt and fish. He spent many days each fall chasing deer with archery gear.

In fall 2005, he visited Alaska with his parents and girlfriend (now fiancee) Amanda Roberts and went on a moose hunt. His love affair with “the last frontier” began in earnest.

In October 2006, his mother became critically ill with blastomycosis and slipped into a coma. Tyler spent many days and nights at the hospital sitting in a bedside chair praying for her recovery. His prayers were answered in late November when Michele awoke and started her healing process.

Tyler returned to Alaska earlier this year and got a job working for Alaska Mechanical Inc., the prime contractor on the Rock Creek open-pit gold mine construction project. He planned to work there for eight months and then return to Tomahawk with a healthy bank account.

During his off time this spring in Alaska, Tyler was able to go bear hunting and harvested his first bruin. After working his daily shift, Tyler often went fishing in the Nome area with co-workers. He planned to hunt moose again this fall.

“Tyler was doing what he wanted to do where he wanted to do it and loving it,” said his father. “He was living his dream.”

The young Kahle did a lot of living in his 19-and-a-half years and thrived on new adventures. Had he been born 200 years earlier, he probably would have volunteered to accompany Lewis and Clark on their expedition of discovery across North America to the Pacific Ocean.

Those who knew Tyler appreciated his leadership and motivational skills. He had a positive effect on everyone he met.

Like a shooting star, Tyler’s life lit up the darkness for too brief a moment before burning out. He will truly be missed but never forgotten.

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Re: Tyle Kahle – a shooting star

Postby logic1 » Sun Aug 05, 2007 11:11 am

I am suprised & dis-heartened that no one has taken the time to write about Tyler. He was in a place that he loved during his accident - only thing is his loved ones were not around him. His parents, wife to be & multitude of friends have lost a wonderful soul. He will live on forever in their hearts.

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